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Costa Del Fal

Dissertation Ideas

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Hi all, I know I already had a thread on this but It was getting a bit confusing from the first posts and the recent ones so wanted to start a fresh.


My current idea has been on looking at the relationship between ENSO and River discharge. Given ENSO is an uncertain variable I thought it would be worth exploring. I originally wanted it to just look at the UK because I can easily get hold of river discharge data and monthly rainfall for stations or regionally from the Met Office. However my tutors suggested I looked at a wider scale because ENSO was such a global influence that the UK would be too small but the reliance on secondary data sources was becoming too much and it was beginning to daunt me that If something went wrong It could potentially screw things up.


Does anyone have any ideas on how the above idea could be tweaked or any other idea of similar themes. Im very keen to keep it related to climate and rivers/flooding as Im really interested in that and it may have relevance to a future career of mine.


Any help would be most grateful!



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Can I just check that If I were to correlate between the ENSO index (which has positive and negative values, thus an interval variable?) and precipitation (ratio variable) or river discharge that I would use Pearsons correlation to help this?

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