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Monday 17th Feb General Weather Chat

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Morning all


Dry start


Temp 8.8c

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cloudy but dry at the moment, a low of 1.2C in the early hours gave a ground frost for a time-gone now as a moderate SSE'ly set in

and temperature now on 4.1C

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Thought I started one of these. Must have forgot to press post. Dull Mild start but dry at the moment. Recorded our only our third dry day this year yesterday.

Temp 4.6C

Barometer 1004mb rising

Wind F2 SSE

Rainfall Nil

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A dry night with clear periods during the evening. Thickening cloud after midnight with thick fog from about 0300 onward.

Intermittent light rain arrived by 0800 but wasn't enough to make yesterday a 'rain day'.


At 0900;

Temp; 4.0c

24 hr max; 6.6c

24 hr min; 1.6c

Grass min; -2.0c

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0900; 0.1 mm

Mean wind speed; 11 mph SE

Sky obscured by fog

Intermittent light rain

Vis; 200 mts.

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Monday 17th February 2014:


Clear spells for a time last night, turning more cloudy before midnight. The morning dawned mostly cloudy, odd spot of rain.


Readings at 09:00 GMT:


Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 8.9°C

Minimum temperature overnight 1.8°C

24-hour maximum 8.9°C

24-hour minimum: 1.8°C

Minimum temperature on grass: -2.2°C

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 19.1 mph W

Rainfall total: 0.2mm


Conditions at 09:00 GMT


7 Oktas, Altostratus, Altocumulus, Cirrostratus, Stratus fractus.

Visibility: moderate, around 6 miles.

Temperature: 5.9°C

Humidity: 93.8%

Dew point 5.0°C


Wind Direction: Force 3-4 SE

Barometer 1004.8mb: Trend: falling slowly.




Clear spells overnight, ground frost, sunny so far this morning. A dry and mainly sunny day followed, feeling mild.


February 2014 so far:


Mean temperature: 5.1  (0.9c) of local average)

Maximum temperature: 8.9c on the 2nd

Minimum temperature: -0.8c on the 10th

Grass Minimum: -4.4c on the 10th

Rainfall 57.7mm

Wettest 24 hours 9.9mm on the 11th.

Maximum wind gust: 46.6 mph SE on the 5th.


Winter 2013-2014 Dec-Jan-Feb:


Days sleet/Snow Falling 2

Air frosts 11

Ground frosts 40


2014 so far:


Maximum temperature: 11.3c on the 6th Jan

Minimum temperature: -1.8c on the 20th Jan

Grass Minimum: -7.1c on the 20th Jan

Rainfall 191.3mm

Wettest 24 hours 21.8mm on the 8th. Jan

Maximum wind gust: 46.6 mph SE on the 5th Feb.

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A mild and cloudy day with intermittent light rain.


At 1800;

Temp; 6.0c

Max' today; 7.0c

Min' last night; 1.6c

Grass min; -2.0c

Rainfall from 0900-1800; 1.0 mm

Sunshine today; 0.00 hrs

Mean wind speed; 17 mph SE/S

Highest gust today; 35 mph SE/S at 1612

8 oktas Ns

Intermittent light rain

Vis; 40 km

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A mild day mostly dry until late afternoon when there was some light drizzle and light rain.

Max temp 9.2C

Barometer 1004mb rising

Wind S F3

Rainfall 0.2mm

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Cloudy today, spells of rain from late night to early evening, much light to moderate but heavy 10 -1100 and 15- 1600. Moderate to fresh SE wind, veered light to moderate SW this evening. Quite mild.


Min 3.6c yesterday evening

Max 8.4c @ 1306

Rain yesterday: 1.8mm

Rain since 0900 today: 12.3mm

Est sun: Nil

Max gust: SSE 28mph @ 1217



Clear interval

7c/ 96%/ 1003mbar rising


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Cloudy showery day


Temp 9.1c

Max Temp 10.5c

Min Temp 7.4c

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