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Also, seen next Wednesday's forecast? I know it's way far away but not looking good... http://www.xcweather.co.uk/forecast/ss6

Sorry I rarely adventure out of this thread... Big scary world out there! (And also I'll be here all day long)
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I think dew ponds are man made, in areas that are devoid of natural surface water, such as on chalk, as you say. If there is an underground reservoir (groundwater one ?) with an overflow, the overflowing discharge must be percolating away through the chalk. Like a soakaway - these need checking for silt build-up which inhibits permeability

Thank you, That's really helpful.
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Very heavy hail here, also very windy again.


£10k to fill a hole, well depends where the hole is you see.

 If you can get a 40 ton tipper lorry to it then it will be cheap to fill, you could even make a few quid taking in a load from some work being done in the area if you advertised it in local paper.

 But if you cant get a lorry in your back garden, and you got to carry 20 ton plus of soil through your house, and your paying a company to do it without making any mess or damage to your house or stuff inside it, then I can see how it soon adds up to £thousands.

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TERROR STORMS!!!! Eeeek!! Run for the hills. But they're coming from the hills......well, if you see the hills, run the other way.

Still windy here. Goodnight and.....stay safe. :)

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hi mk


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


fax charts for sunday and monday


Posted Image

mainly dry and chilly


weak north west flow




Posted Image


if thats a terror storm someone needs a weather lesson Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


very flabby


granted a bit of rain but no winds


the other low incoming is weakening also


so fi though as these lows need to be worked out on a day to day basis


ukmo at 144

Posted Image


Posted Image


cold north-north easterly flow


precip looks dry but guessing that with these




ecm ensembles for london



Posted Image




fi 17th as spread there


so much spread in that its take your pick later on




Posted Image


friday night is quite plain there


nowt after


gfs on the 24th big outlier


rain the main bit


Posted Image


these are starting to look a lot dryer


so is the atlantic starting to die


hard to say but at least this is a better sign tonight Posted ImagePosted Image

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Thanks John :-)

It's been a wicked day here in MK....


....Mini Me and I had to endure some horizontal rain between the restaurant where we had lunch and getting to the theatre (don't even ask about the hair, just as well the bedraggled witch look was popular today)but I think we got off lightly going by reports of hail, thunder & lightning, and damaging winds in other parts of the region - hope you all stayed safe !

New thread here ready for the morning....


locking this one now !

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