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Just been out and although it's very windy, it's not too bad at present. However, according to Met' web site, the wind will be at its strongest here between 15:00 and 18:00 hrs. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I'm studying my weather book. :)

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Edit from last post: Wind has picked up now in Uxbridge and the rain is much heavier and a smidge on the sideways side.

Same here in Harefield, Reef, just in the last few minutes the rain has really got going

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Wind now getting going here rainband almost here

Bit confused this morning

Bbc weather a little while ago said fri nights storm was worrying about

Rain rather than wind


Look at fri nights fax ?????????

Unless they have different charts

Anyway take care all

Will update the 12 fax charts when out

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  Another name for Mermaids lol


If anyone wants a ark built a noah guy phahaha


On another note, the Tesco a walk away is getting sand bags sent in as the drains are backing up and can't cope!

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Must admit that is my fear for driving home down the M25 at 4pm, which seems when the maximum stuff is likely to hit; really hope drivers make sensible decisions about large loads and the like. Might see some interesting landings into Heathrow. Still doesn't look too windy out of my office window, although some rain, might look out the front of the building to see if it looks different.


Worst wind direction currently for landings, with a southerly cross wind across the east-west Heathrow runways, would not like to be landing today!

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Very Urgent: Due to the very high energy levels, the storm's intensity will vastly increase where wind gusts will exceed 90 mph with a possibility of reaching 100 mph + in the more exposed areas Posted ImagePosted Image

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Just been informed that TFL are looking into closing Underground (All Routes) from 4pm


Announcement to made at 3


Not waiting til that happens


Advised to go home now

Nothing on there twitter feed. Who advised you of that JAB?

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