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January 2014 – very mild but no record breaker…

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I've produced a report on January 2014 as far as CET is concerned.
It contains the usual charts:
(1) Monthly CET January Anomalies for 1913 – 2014
(2) Central England Temperature Mean January Temperature (1659-2014)
(3) Central England Temperatures Accumulated Daily Mean Winter 2014
The bottom line is that I make January 2014 the mildest since 2008.
I also have winter 2013/14 on course to be the 10th mildest since 1659 but only the mildest since 2006/07.
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I think it's the rain that was the main feature rendering temperatures somewhat irrelevant, mildest since 2012 here!

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Mildest here since 2012 seventh wettest overall winter is going to be mild wet but no record breaker here. The wettest Feb here is 202.5mm unlikely to hit that one being brave to say it. Wettest Winter 406.9mm 76/77 and we won't get that record either.

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Agree, December was on the dry side in the east.Winter total so far here about 210mm, nothing exceptional.January only a little above average temperature too here, so Winter mean so far is well below 5C 

February is one of the driest months on average.Doesn't mean much but I'd be surprised if we have much over 50mm

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