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Statistics and Summaries for January 2014

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Llanwnnen, Ceredigion, Wales


Very wet and mild; snowless


The very unsettled, mild and wet weather of mid to late December continued almost relentlessly throughout January. This was the wettest January since 2008 (238mm) but the mildest only since 2012 such is the regular recurrence of mild Januaries.


1st – 8th: A continuation of the deeply disturbed, wet and at times very windy weather of the second half of December. Plentiful showers and longer spells of rain, very heavy at times. Hail and thunder quite a feature, I have never known 3 days of thunder in the whole of January before and we got that within the first week of this month! Mild or very mild with the SW flow and some strong gusts at times, the highest of the month being 58mph on the 6th. A generally cloudy spell this although 2nd was bright.


9th – 11th: A much drier, quieter interlude, Some sunshine with temperatures nearer normal and just a few showers. Air frost on the 10th.


12th – 18th: Mostly mild with rain or showers at times, some heavy, but amounts not excessive. Mostly cloudy, although clear spells by night permitted a couple of air frosts. Quite windy.


19th – 23rd: Rather cold to average temperatures and some further night frosts. Rain or showers at times, mostly cloudy


24th – 26th: Mild, windy and dull with rain or showers, some heavy


27th – 31st: Colder but still close to average temperatures, further showers or rain at times, however the 30th was a dry and cold day, the coldest day of Winter to date although the maximum was 3.7c. Fittingly, a very wet and windy finale to January with the 31st seeing 20.7mm rain making it the wettest day of the month.


Total rainfall: 236.3mm

Wettest day: 20.7mm 31st

Rain days >0.2mm: 27
Wet days >1.0mm: 26
Days of heavy rain >10mm: 7

Mean temperature: 5.2c

Mean Max: 8.2c

Mean Min: 2.3c


High Max: 11.8c 5th
Low Max: 3.7c 30th
High Min: 8.8c 15th
Low Min: -2.8c 14th


Est sun: 29 hr

Max sun: 5 hours 11th

Days no sun: 11

Air frost: 6

Ground frost: 15

Ice day (max below 0c): 0

Mean RH: 92%

High RH: 100% various dates
Low RH: 71% 26th

Predominant wind direction: SW
Mean wind speed: 7.8mph

Max gust: 58mph 6th

Mean pressure: 998mbar
Max pressure: 1023mbar 11th
Min pressure: 977mbar 1st


Days with:

Hail: 9
Gale: 0
Thunder: 3

Snow or sleet: 0

Snow lying 0900: 0
Fog: 2

Fog at 0900: 1






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My statistics for central Reading in January 2014:Average maximum: 9.3Average minimum: 3.4Average for month: 6.4Highest maximum: 12.2 (January 6)Lowest maximum: 5.4 (30)Highest minimum: 7.5 ( 8 )Lowest minimum: -2.0 (12)Air frosts: 5Rainfall: Reading University shows around 150mm for the month, which is about 150% above average.Sunshine: no local records available.No snow or thunder recorded.Like almost everywhere else in the UK, January in Reading was mild and exceptionally wet with relentless Atlantic depressions bringing copious rain throughout the month.  Of particular note is the number of wet days - more than 1.0mm of rain was recorded on 29 out of 31 days, with only the 21st being completely dry and around 0.5mm on the 20th.  The wettest day was the 4th with 17.5mm.

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Posted Image

HOBART ( pop 220,000 ) capital of Tasmania, situated at sealevel at the base of Mt.Wellington ( 1270m ). Climate: Temperate, maritime.


January - Second month of summer

Very dry, continuing the theme of the summer. Warmer than average but not spectacularly so.


January began cool and it stayed that way for the the first third of the month. Winds fresh to strong W-to more anomalously cool SW, as intense lows passed by over colder waters to the south. Phenomenally windy on 2 days with city wind peak of 65-70mph, causing mayhem and minor 'damage' to property. A front in this wild wind stream on the 5th brought by far the months wettest day ( 8mm ), and further weakening fronts brought just a blustery shower or two that mostly hugged the mountain range.


From the 10th-17th it settled, as a severe heatwave came into effect over south-east Australia. This heat penetrated western, inland and highlands of Tasmania but onshore winds and seabreeses in Hobart put a lid on the extreme heat felt elsewhere. Rare phenomena of sea mist moving upriver and coating lower hills during afternoons and mild, muggy nights with low cloud, slow to burn off under the rising sun. The pattern broke with a front late on the 17th with the briefest of thundery showers ( 1mm ).


Mild to warm and dry thereafter, then a hot end, as intense heat from the continent returned,  drawn down on a fresher northerly breese, to filtrate at lower depth and to the south east coast, knocking out the seabreese visitor. Scrub fires bringing smoke haze on the hottest day.


Average maximum:  23.5 ( +1.3 )

Average minimum:  12.5 ( -0.1 )

Rainfall:  16mm ( average 45mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ) :  3/from 8


Extremes in daily temperature for January ( Records since 1882 ):


Highest maximum:  38.9 28th ( Record 41.8 in 2013 )

Lowest maximum:  15.6 7th ( Record 11.1 in 1885 )


Highest minimum:  18.3 15th ( Record 23.4 in 2013 )

Lowest minimum:  8.6 6th ( Record 3.3 in 1902 )

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Here's my January data from the flood stricken West Country which includes the data table for Winter to date. Note the total rain figure from Dec 1st.



That is a lot of rain,the best 2 month spell here has given 350mm an a couple of occasions and we get a lot of rain here!

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January 2014 stats


Mean: 7.3c

Mean Min: 4.7c

Mean Max: 9.8c

Highest Temp: 13.3c

Lowest Temp: -0.2c

Highest Min: 9.5c

Lowest Max: 4.5c

Air frosts: 1

Rain; 126.9mm

Wettest day:15.3mm

Rain Days: 29

Dry days:2

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