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Atlantic Storms February 2014

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No comment. Posted ImageBetter duck when the projectiles come towards you then. Hopefully folk will be safer in their homes and cars but even then its madness. Nonetheless a storm is a storm and that's where the fun lies as long as you are sensible. Not the only storm this week either.

Back safe. Some massive gusts already. Great fun, but discretion was the better part of valor! Given the strongest is due at 9pm it's quite worrying. Edited by Barking_Mad
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The BBC's Becky Kelly says the overhead power cables that have come down in high winds, causing Crewe station to close, are on fire. Firefighters are at the scene and hundreds of passengers are now at a nearby hotel.

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Hi this is my first post but I have been lurking all winter. I live on the Isle of Man, we are outside the UK Met Office weather warnings but our local Met Office has issued a Red Warning for wind. We never feature in most forecasts, can someone give me an idea of when the strongest winds are likely to reach us this evening? thanks

Hi there bud and welcome.


This might help I'm not sure  IOMToday , it states in the evening so I'm guessing now.

Gusts of wind to hit 80mph tonight

The spate of bad weather that’s hit the island hard over the last few weeks is continuing.


Further spells of rain or showers are forecast today.

They will be heavy at times leading to further standing water on the roads and the risk of localised flooding.

The strong or gale force southeasterly winds will swing southwest or west towards and during the evening, increasing to severe gale or storm force with gusts 70 to 80mph, causing some damage and disruption.

The rain or showers turning to sleet or snow on higher ground later this evening before clearing to only isolated showers overnight as the west or southwesterly winds become strong to gale force, lowest temperatures near 3C generally but around 1C in upland areas.

High tide tonight is at around 10.30pm.

The tide will not be as high as it was in January when Ramsey and Castletown flooded.

It is likely tonight’s Steam Packet sailing will be cancelled. This morning’s Douglas to Heysham service and its return did not sail.

Inspector Mark Britton, of the Isle of Man Constabulary, said: ‘There is a likelihood of structural damage and travel disruption which may be caused by the winds. Residents are advised to take precautions where they are able to.

‘Take care on the roads during the early evening, allow extra time for your journey, reduce their speed and leave greater distances between themselves and other vehicles. They are also warned to consider the likelihood that there will be standing water, floods and other debris on the roads.’

He urged motorists to keep up to date with the latest developments.

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So glad I'm not having to work in this. Never known wind like this, damage visible to neighbours rooftops and the constant crashing of what I hope is just wheelie bins.


And now there's power flashes lighting up the sky not far away from me.

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