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South East England/East Anglia Regional Weather Discussion 26/01/14 12z --------->

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yes but its silly to post a gfs chart for a weeks time

I would disagree as this is a weather forum and forecasts change all the time and the gfs could be correctp


Ps on the tablet and not sure why the above was underlined 

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that lot in ireland looks a shade more organised


Hi JP,


Good gathering of ppn is forming around Ireland which is heading in our direction. If it carries on it's current projected path with intensity, it will fall as snow in the early hours Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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Well having got back from a business trip to my head office in Wisconsin which got as warm as -9C in the day and down to -28C at night our current weather is feeling balmy.


I love a bit of snow as much as the next person on here but that was a little too cold for me.


Currently reading 0.6C in Streatham (SW London).

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ecm ensembles


remember keep short term at present




Posted Image


cold especially 29th 30th  and 31st




Posted Image

nothing of great note


gfs later does its customary gales later on




Posted Image


nothing of note


but if was any snow would be


gfs from the 3rd  Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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Frost started forming on cars here.

The streetlights have turned off for the first time at about 5 to midnight. From the front of my house I can see 4 street lights but only one street light has been set to turn off. But looking out the back it's total darkness - eerie like a powercut :) My CCTV night vision is really struggling!

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The showers seem to be disolving as they past the Midlands and Hampshire area, even the heavier stuff over Ireland hardly makes it across to Wales.

 Maybe nearer rush hour may produce some Sleet or Hail if we are lucky, perhaps some wet snow up on the Hills.


Not building my hopes up to see anything this week though, next Sunday is interesting but the way this winter as been I wont take that seriously till atleast Thursday.


You just know that Spring will bring the cold and snow, and that would be good but also its a waste of two seasons like last year. No doubt Spring will arrive in Summer, Summer in Autumn, Autumn in Winter and so the trend continues Posted Image

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