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Audacious Betting Coup

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Sometimes I wish I was still in racing mode as I was for many years after the massive gamble yesterday. No surprise that Barney Curley is involved.



Bookmakers are facing a pay out of millions as a result of an audacious betting coup landed on Wednesday on four horses at three different British racecourses. All four have an association of some description with the renowned gambler and former trainer Barney Curley.


Industry estimates are that more than £2 million has been won by punters involved in the origins of the gamble, but still more was taken from bookmakers by those who followed the dramatic betting moves that started overnight and continued as one bookmaker described “in a frenzy†throughout the morning.


At overnight prices, an accumulator on the four horses was paying in excess of 9,000-1, although only a return of only 17½-1 would have been received for bets struck at SP as bookmakers scurried to shorten the horses and limit their escalating liabilities.



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