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The windiest months in the UK since 1871

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I'll just give you the bullet points from what I've found in analysing the latest Lamb Weather Type data from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia:
  • The windiest calendar month since is probably January 1983.
  • December 2013 was the 6th windiest calendar month since 1871.
  • December 2013 was the 2nd windiest December since 1871.
  • January 11th on average is the windiest day of the year using these records with a 40% chance of a gale in the British Isles.
  • August 7th on average is the quietest day of the year with less than 1% chance of a gale occurring in the UK.
If you want to delve further you can find the article on my blog.
It also includes the following images:
  • Table British Isles Storm Catalog (1973-2013)
  • Table Highest mean Gale Index for 1200 UTC (1871-2013)
  • Table Highest number of Gale Days for 1200 UTC (1871-2013)
  • Weather Log of North Atlantic MSLP analysis for January 1983 (courtesy of Wetterzentrale)
  • Chart of the annual daily variation through the year (July-June) in gale index from 1871.
  • Chart of the annual daily probability of gales on any day (July-June)
  • Chart of the extreme maximum daily gale index (July-June)
  • A further 4x2 grid of charts of more recent Lamb Weather Type data (Oct 2002 - Dec 2013)

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