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Andy Bown

Financial aid for flood hit areas

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This may be controversial. I may be wrong.


However my point is this ...


When floods occur in other countries our government is quick to send aid, both financial and material, from a budget apparently set aside for such events. Currently parts of our own country are severely flooded, I see and hear stories of people in terrible situations, both at home and business wise, on the local news in the Somerset area. One farmer yesterday pleading for the River Parrett to be dredged to aid in flooding situations, but before it happens there are going to be meetings involving government and councils when all the locals know it will help, what's the odds on no decision being made before next winter and more possible flooding!?


People are losing their livelihoods and homes, but I see and hear of no government aid for them and we certainly receive no help from other countries - please correct me if I am wrong - and as far as I know there is no helpline or suchlike for raising funds to help those affected like often gets set up to help other countries.


It seems the government is fast to help abroad yet slow to help those who elected them.



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