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Record low temperatures in Sweden

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Todays coldest temps in eurpoe


Minimum Temperature Last 24h. 01/21/2014 at 12:00 UTC


No.  Location       Station ID Amount

1  Karesuando A (Sweden)  02081  -42.7°C
2  Kevo (Finland)  02805  -39.8°C
3  Verkhove Lotta (Russia)  22100  -38.7°C
4  Nikkaluokta (Sweden)  02036  -38.3°C
5  Nyrud (Norway)  01082  -38.3°C
6  Kvikkjokk Arrenjarka A (Sweden)  02119  -37.9°C
7  Pasvik (Norway)  01084  -36.6°C
8  Muonio (Finland)  02823  -36.2°C
9  Padun (Russia)  22106  -35.1°C
10  Sodankyla Vuotso (Finland)  02816  -34.9°C
11  Inari Vayla (Finland)  02827  -34.7°C
12  Kilpisjarvi (Finland)  02801  -34.6°C
13  Vidsel (Sweden)  02154  -34.1°C
14  Pajala A (Sweden)  02095  -34°C
15  Lovozero (Russia)  22127  -33.7°C

Verkhoyansk, Russia -54°


The coldest in the Northern Hemisphere,


1  Ekyuchchyu (Russia)  24361  -55.3°C Now....... Last night -67.5°F WOWPosted Image



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Cold for Sweden, but not record cold.  Record is -53c in 1941Still, nice to see that at least some parts of Europe are finally having a winter after such a very mild start.

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Well ,that Frigid air over North west Europe is not going anywhere in a hurry, and the effects on that cold perhaps will be felt at some point later in the Uk  further down the line!Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image


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Are their any flying pigs ?

Perhaps some flying Pigs from ScandiPosted Image Posted ImagePosted Image Posted Image

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