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Hospital waiting rooms

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I'm sure many of you have, at some point, waited to be seen by a doctor or nurse at a health center or hospital, what are your views on the waiting times? and do you feel anxious within the vicinity of many people? sometimes the length of time we wait I'm sure can actually cause the feeling of anxiety and stress but also being around so many people we do not know.


Personally it affects me sometimes, not usually when it's quite though but with crowded rooms, especially small areas with everyone not knowing where to look, but some of us read a magazine we might use the mobile, and I think that for some it really is comfort to do something to keep occupied instead of staring at the dot on the wall, and for some, the time feels as though it's going faster too when occupied with reading.


It's a feeling that you just need to move from the seat have to get out of there and this is possibly anxiety, not being able to relax within that type of environment, when someone experiences this and as soon as their out of the area the feeling usually goes away.


What do you think of the design of waiting rooms, if you're not happy with the rooms  what do you think can be done to improve them, do you think the seats are comfortable?


Three things I would like to discuss and they are:


1: Waiting times.


2: Anxiety while waiting.


3: Room design, chair seating areas.







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