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Chicago 30°C warmer than on Monday…

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Mild air has flooded back into the central and eastern states of America extremely rapidly in the last 36 hours. What a contrast to just a few days ago, Chicago for example is reporting an air temperature of 4.4°C at 0600 this morning, a full 30°C warmer than the -25.6°C temperature it was experiencing at just 1800 on Monday (the 6th January 2014) of this week. At that time they also had 28 cm of snow lying which has now dwindled to just 8 cm and a bone shattering wind from 260° meaning 17 and gusting to 28 knots, I make that a wind chill of -40.1°C on the JAG scale. I haven’t looked to see what the week a head promises but I would guess that another cold wave is very likely on the cards.
(1) Monday 1800 plotted chart of the Great Lakes area
(2) Saturday 0600 plotted chart of the Great Lakes area
(3) Thermograph for 72530 Chicago O'Hare (13 Dec -11 Jan)
(4) Plotted grid of 72530 Chicago O'Hare observations (13 Dec -11 Jan)
see my blog for graphics
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