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Paul Sherman

Video Footage and Pictures Needed For CH4 Documentary!

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Hi Guys


Am posting this on behalf of one of my friends on facebook who works in the making of documentaries for UK Television.


Have copied in the request from Becky Below. Hope some of you can help to be apart of this upcoming tv programme.


Pioneer Productions are producing a special documentary for C4 about the recent UK storms & floods. We are urgently looking for camera/phone video. Did you film the gales of the St Judes Day storm in October ?

Have you been flooded out in December? Did you loose power and BBQ your turkey? Did you end up with wet tinsel and floating baubles? Have you filmed umbrella's being blown away, car's stranded in flood waters? Were you stuck on a ferry or in a plane/at the airport because of the bad weather? Did you witness a hail storm or thick fog? Did you witness/film any rescues? If you filmed any of the above please let us know!


Video footage of any of this right upto the week could be included in our documentary.


Go to Pioneer Productions - Uk Storms or follow us on Twitter @UKStorm_2013





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Some photos I took of the damage in Cobham from the Dec storms 23rd-27th, these can be used if required. Also I have some film in MP4 of the cars in water at Painshill roundabout (as seen in the pics in the thread) also video of the tree damage along portsmouth road Esher (as seen in pics) only thing is it looks like this was after the trees were cut from the roads. if had of got earlier footage would have been more interesting!

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