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Storm damage and Floods - your experiences and pics

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The storm that affected many areas on the 23rd and 24th of December 2013 is something one cannot forget for it's strength and just how prolonged it was, and it came at a time of festive celebrations, or for some what was meant to be.. I really do feel for those that have experienced the disruption it has caused so closely and so harshly and really hope things get back to normal for you soon. 


I was at Stanwell on that night and the roof above me was making deep noises and creaking, the trees where roaring, quite concerning at times to say the least and even scary, but not quite as frightening as what some have experienced. 


On the evening of the 24th I headed off to Cobham from Stanwell only to get stranded on the A3 motorway, on foot! so how did I end up there?  the bus got to the Esher area and headed into Cobham only to get to the shut off portsmouth rd at Clarmont gardens (see pics of damage) as trees were down, after a while turned around from the line of stationary traffic, we were now heading for the A3 towards Guildford. The bus stop I was dropped off at was just on the outskirts of the town of cobham, there was Police there blocking access to the town because the river Mole had burst it's banks over Painshill roundabout, and also the other end of town it was also blocked due to the river across the road, so I was stranded for quite a while. It was either a boat or a helicopter I think!


Eventually I got to my location that night via a back road but a long way round by car. The photos below are of some of the damage I discovered in Cobham during daylight hours, and also up towards Esher-(where daylight images show trees after removal from road) was really amazed at the damage done, this particular area got hit hard by the storm. Looks as though it's the worst wind damage possibly since the great storm in 1990. and the worst flooding since the big floods of Oct 2000 although it looks as though it might have beaten this record but need to wait for official records.


There was a lot of tree damage along the portsmouth rd from Esher must have been something extreme to bring down severals trees over a distance of an estimate 100-200m on one side of road, one tree appears to have been twisted and snapped. 


Question: in the pic below of snapped tree (1081) what gust strength would do this?? I would estimate 90-100mph as a thick trunk and healthy inside. Also so in pic (1062) I see a Beech tree, but what is the red barked tree?? thanks.


Please let us know your storm experiences and some photos if you have some!



(If to many photos here I can upload to the gallery please let me know thanks!)





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