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Wednesday 20th November General Weather chat

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A cold start with light rain

Temp 4.3C

Barometer 1002mb falling

Wind F2 SSE

rainfall 1.2mm

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Overnight low of -0.9c


Current Temp: 0.0c


Pressure: 1010.2hPa


Hard frost this morning Posted Image


Local wunderground station recorded -1.3c last night

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After a cold frosty start to the night, light/moderate rain set in.


Currently; Cool, breezy with light rain.

Temp 3.3c

Dp 2.8c

Wind Chill -0.1c

Wind S/W 12 mph

Gusting 31mph at 5:03am

Rain since midnight 2.1mm


Edit- I could of had a little snow on the front edge of the rain band as there have been reports in Derbyshire, but i was fast off !

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1005.7 Pa falling 1.8 Pa/hr

Wind 5.3 mph gusting 10.5 mph max W

DP 3.3°C

Humidity 80%

No rain last 24 hours

Cloud base 1320 ft


Frost first thing temps now rising. Some light rain through Sussex

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Currently dry after slight rain in the early hours. This followed an air frost prior to midnight with a low of -0.4C the first air frost since 7 April this year, breezt SW'ly at the moment with the temperature on 6.9C

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Overcast and breezy with a few spots of rain in the air, currently 4.6 deg C.  Clear spells overnight led to a sharp frost around midnight with a low of -3.2.


Interestingly, I have usually recorded slightly milder overnight temperatures than up the hill at Reading University but this season the situation seems to be reversed (for example, last night the university recorded a minimum of -2.1).


We are in a densely populated area of terraced houses near the town centre, so I always put the difference before down to the urban heat island effect, and my thermometer is shaded but not enclosed so the exposure is non-standard.  But I'm still wondering what's changed.  It might of course be that I need to recalibrate my thermometer or even that something has changed at the university site, but another possibility is that they have recently installed a high fence on top of the nearby railway embankment - I wonder if our area has become slightly more frost prone (as parts of Rickmansworth famously are because of the railway embankment)?

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A wet and windy night followed by a wet and windy morning! Temp 4.4, baro 1009.

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A clear and cold start to last night but increasing cloud from late evening brought light snow during the early hours with a thin cover at 0330. Any lying snow had thawed by 0500 as the  temperature rose steadily and light-moderate rain set in, the 24 hr maximum was reached at 0821 immediately before the cold front which brought a short spell of heavy sleet and wet snow and a 3 degree fall in temperature.

Currently it's cloudy with light sleet and a gusty NW wind.


At 0900;

Temp; 2.6c

24 hr max; 4.5c

24 hr min; -1.4c

Grass min; -6.3c

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0900; 6.2 mm

Mean wind speed; 29 mph NW

8 oktas Ns

Moderate sleet falling

Vis; 25 km.

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A cold damp start here,with rain that became heavy and briefly turned to wet snow,leaving a slushy covering on the car.Skies have now cleared partially leaving patches of blue sky.

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Wednesday 20th November 2013:


Moderate frost began to lift last night as cloud and an increasing westerly wind moved in to the area around midnight. Rain set in around 06:30 GMT, this moderate at times, windy. At observation, moderate rain turning heavy with hail, this briefly turning to sleet. Temperature quickly falling from 6c at 09:00 to 3.0c at 09:15 GMT. Gusty westerly wind.


Readings at 09:00 GMT:


Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 4.7°C

Minimum temperature overnight -2.7°C

24-hour maximum 6.0°C

24-hour minimum: -2.7°C

Minimum temperature on grass: -7.1°C

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 13.7 mph WNW

Rainfall total: 2.0mm


Conditions at 09:00 GMT


8 Oktas Nimbostratus

Visibility: poor <1 mile.

Temperature: 6.0°C

Humidity: 93.8%

Dew point 5.1°C


Wind Direction: Force 6 W

Barometer 997.6mb: Trend: falling.




Cloud breaking overnight allowing clear spells and a widespread ground frost, low 0.4c with -2.2c on the grass. Sunny so far this morning, frosty. Mostly sunny through the day, feeling cold, patchy ground frost persisting in shaded areas. Frost quickly returning around dusk.


November 2013 so far:


Mean temperature: 6.2  (+ 0.1c) of local average)

Maximum temperature: 12.8c on the 11th

Minimum temperature: -2.7c on the 20th

Grass Minimum: -7.1c on the 20th

Rainfall 45.5 mm

Wettest 24 hours 12.5mm on the 6th.

Maximum wind gust: 36.4 mph SW on the 2nd.


2013 so far:


Maximum temperature: 30.6c on the 1st August.

Minimum temperature: -5.1c on the 14th March.

Grass Minimum:  -9.8c on the 16th Jan

Rainfall 703.9mm

Wettest 24 hours 52.9.mm on the 26th July.

Maximum wind gust: 43.5 mph WSW on the 30th Jan

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Bright with some sunshine.


Temp: 5.2C

Dew: 3.2C

Overnight min: 2C @ 0606 UTC

Wind: NNW @ 10 kts

Max gust last hr: N @ 16 kts

Max gust today: NNW @ 17 kts

Pressure: 996.4hPa (rising quickly)

Humidity: 87%

Rainfall today: 1mm

Cloud: 4 oktas

Visibility Good to moderate

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A pleasant enough day after a brief spell of heavier rain earlier this morning. Now sunny with a fresh feel.

Temp 6c

Barometer 997mb falling

Wind F3 WNW

Rainfall 5mm

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Dull start with patchy light rain after a sharp frost in the early hours.  A brief spell of torrential rain around midday then cloudy with showers in the afternoon.  Feeling noticeably milder than yesterday in the morning, then cold again in the afternoon after the heavy rain.  Maximum 7.6, minimum -3.2.  Wind moderate NW.

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Cold windy showery day


Temp 6.3c

Max Temp 10.4c

Min Temp 1.0c

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Grass frosr early last with thickening cloud. Spells of mostly light rain 02 to 0800, with a freshening SW to west wind.

Cloudy morning with bursts of rain some very heavy with a little hail. A few sunny intervals afternoon but with occasional hail and rain showers, heavy at times. Fresh to strong and squally NW wind gusting to gale force.


Min +0.1c yesterday evening

Max 7.6c @ 0800

Rain yesterday 9.1mm

Rain since 0900 today 9mm

Est sun 0.5 hours

Max wind gust NNW 40mph @ 1700


Currently Clear intervals

6c/ 81%/ 1002mbar steady



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The early morning,  squally, sleet and wet snow cleared by 1015 and the rest of the morning was sunny. The sunshine lasted for an hour or so into the early afternoon before showers arrived from the north west, falling as sleet but with the heaviest showers well to the south west of here. The middle of the afternoon was mainly dry and cloudy but there were further sleet showers  by 1700.


At 1800;

Temp; 2.6c

Max' today; 4.8c

Min' last night; -1.4c

Grass min; -6.3c

Rainfall from 0900-1800; 1.5 mm

Sunshine today; 3.11 hrs

Mean wind speed; 19 mph NW

Highest gust today; 59 mph NW at 0933

6 oktas Cu and Ac

Vis; over 80 km.

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