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How safe is music from theft on audio websites?

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I have been uploading new demos/work in progress music tracks to Soundcloud over the last year or so, I know its a great site and well respected and my experience on there is excellent. I have recently discovered some of my tracks are available through mobile download sites, particulary ring tones, the sites are nothing to do with SC, as far as I know. I had had the widget box ticked along with streaming option through SC, but turned off the free download option on the tracks, I allow the mp3 streaming app for Soundcloud. Likely was the widget for website embed that allowed my music to be available elsewhere. I am letting sometime pass til I search my music again to check.

I am only worried because my music is going to(hopefully)a recording studio in the future,someone could steal,sell my sounds before I do. I'm unknown/unsigned trance and techno artist and am at the stage of skill to get signed up by a record label.I have the midi files, copies of my music on pc/cd also song notes on paper.

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