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What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

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I heard this song on the radio, while driving to the Isle of Wight last Friday. Another 80's song I'd forgotten, but which everyone from that era will know.    

Weather related, and one of my favourite bands. Ladies and Gentlemen....please welcome ..........The Stranglers......  

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an amazing update to his classic from the late 70's....quite possibly my favourite song............they say that remakes are nothing on the original, but it's brilliant IMO.....enjoy   :)


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it's sunday morning, and time for a bit of classic prog-rock


From the 'Union' tour of 91, here's both 'factions' of the super-group 'Yes' on stage for the only time......The song title 'Shock to the system' sums it all up!


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I quite like this style of country rock.


What I can't understand is why I've heard this song loads of times, even though it wasn't a hit in Britain, only reached number 94 in the US, wasn't a soundtrack to a film and didn't come from a particularly successful album. Maybe a particular DJ kept playing it when I was young?


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Been re-watching the new doctor who. Some of it was very tongue in cheek, but worth a second look none the less

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