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What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

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On 24/12/2016 at 22:41, knocker said:






Oh dear, Malcolm: my wee daughter got told off (in the school lunch-queue) for singing that one (Rave On!)...I blame the parent!:oops:

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Back in 1988, the EPA Chorus recorded "When the North Pole Melts".  Yes sir, global warming was an obvious threat even then.

To hear the chorus


When the North Pole Starts to Melt?
What is gonna happen to his little elves?
Will they be too busy swimming to make the toys?
And what will Santa do?
If the North Pole melts too fast
Is this Christmas gonna be his last?
What will parents have to tell their girls and bays?

I used to snowski at Christmas time
But now I ski on a lake.
Scandinavia's now growing lemons and limes
And Quebec has rattlesnakes.
The Sahara desert now has grown
To the entire Continent.
But you do not have to lose your home:
Just trust the government!
But What Will Santa Do. . . . .

You may not believe my story because the ending's not very nice,
You may not believe in Santa Claus.
You may not believe in Christ,
But if you don't believe this warning
'Bout the climate and the ozone hole:
Look under your tree one Christmas morning
All you'll see are lumps of coal.
And that's what Santa will do

Well the world took care of the ozone problem,....... but wait....................oh no!!!!

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This was just on vintage TV (freeview 82) and reminded me the lead singer August Darnell bought a house next to our sheep in the 1980s
On wikipedia it mentions he moved to England in the early 1980s 
I recently found some comments about how the record company were in trouble for fixing the charts so that this song got to #2 by buying the records themselves.
This ties in with what happened when they left the house after a couple of years it seemed they'd been using 45rpm single copies of Annie I'm not your Daddy as frisbees - there were at least a dozen yards down the field!
Still have some copies today in the attic I suspect, but gave them away to friends and family at the time.

I have a feeling I mentioned this before many pages ago... 
It's not a bad song must say.

While they were here there was a lot of .... umm... action with celebrity friends coming and going.
He drove about in a Ford Transit van completely lined internally with six inch long red fake fur material.
And a mattress in the back, in case he got tired obviously.


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This shows what a truly talented song writer George Michael was. Lyrics so profound and perhaps even more true of today than back then


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Complete and utter Pet shop boys fan in the 80's, it's a shame their music isn't as popular today and it lost sight a little on the way (IMOH)

A remix of one of my faves, along side 'always on my mind ' 'it's a sin' and 'rent' 

who would believe Neil is 62 and Chris 57 and still out there doing tours. 

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