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What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

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9 hours ago, mushymanrob said:

my advice, especially if youre not a dancer (like me), is to get yourself alone in a darkish room where you can be undisturbed. just sit back, close your eyes, play it pretty loud - volume enhances the euphoric feeling , the shiver down your spine, trance gives you.
the point about trance is that you dont need chemical stimulation to get high... the tones of the music does that.

I`m remember their first smash hit very well,it was played a lot,I will add that song to my playlist in the near future though,play in the car great surround sound.

Yes indeed music certainly gets you very high,I know what you mean that tingling sensation,any song like that tatu song the end part did that for me.

Anyway a few songs I heard today which I like very much.

The Halcyon album is her best,I stopped after that it has the ethereal nature about it, tingling sensation again.


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You don't need a weatherman...


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16 hours ago, Summer Sun said:


just about the only crimbo song im not sick of hearing..


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