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Ireland Regional Discussion - Autumn 2013

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What a crap night.

Took a wee nap there and had my electric blanket on and its freezing.

Right now we have a heavy hail shower with a temp of 3,6c. Would not surpise me if it snowed right now.

Dew point is 0.1c. Windchill is -3c

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It was 6c when I was leaving work in Dublin @ 5pm the weather app on my phone said it was 2c in Longford, I thought that had to be wrong... when I got home it was only 2c and there was already frost on the grass and cars! It is now 0c.

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Relax brother Rabitt, it's not even winter yet!!!


This anticyclonic spell is set for a while, and I love it. Was up training a team tonight, froze my nads off, and then home to the roaring fire… Ya can't beat that feeling!!!

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Home is where the heart is and I for one cannot argue with that. As autumn shades are fading fast and in light of the fact we're in for some frosty weather (not enough) I couldn't but whip out my digital camera in order to capture these images from where I live.


Sorry mods for being off topic.






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