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Ireland Regional Discussion - Autumn 2013

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Smithyweather, Ronan is entitled to his beliefs. I'm not saying you're right or you're wrong. But you cannot state with any certainty, something that hasn't happened yet. That is a fact. 


You really shouldn't go forcing your thoughts upon someone else. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar!!!


Anyway. back to tonight, looks like the northern/northwestern portion of our island is in the firing line for some snow and maybe some sticking, but I doubt I'll see any down this side of the island yet! Maybe if the ECM is correct, we'll see some in the latter part of the week.

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Na didn't see it and it hasn't updated yet on their website. I'll believe it when i see it.

Well it showed snow from 6pm no rain. But I don't think it will snow right beside the water on the immediate coast.Temp is 6/1c. Not dropped yet but will drop in the next hour with the introduction of colder air. Can see showers forming now.
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The temperature has just risen from 6 to 7 degrees accompanied by a shower.  Within the last 10 minutes the temperature has literally gone from 7 to 6.1 degrees.

The showers are getting heavier now.

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The temperature is gradually declining - 5.3 now, feeling very cold outside.

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I am trying to a do a University paper about the link between arctic ice melt and colder winters in Europe and I am too distracted by the threat of snow outside!

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Yes so can I. I think maybe in the next 30 minutes or two the dew point will be below freezing. Perhaps at the back end of the next shower I will see snow.

Temp now. 3.4c
Dew point now 0.6c

The temperature is actually dropping rapidly. Like 0.1c degree every minute or two.

Ok this is mad. The temp is now 3.1c and the dew point is 0.4c

16:17: a black cloud is near me and it is getting here slowly. Temp is now 3c but drop off has slowed, hopefully this shower has snow in it!

16:24: just started raining and the temp has risen to 3.3c with the dew point at 1c. Oh what a bore. Posted Image Maybe when the heavier bit comes over me.

16:30: Ok that shower just served to draw in milder air. Now 3.7c and a dew point of 1.6c. LOL. How pathetic. I would not be surprised to see some hail though. I think it will tumble like a rocket once the shower goes though. Based on my obvservation the snowline is 200m.


Does this mean they expect 1 to 3cm at low levels tonight?


Wintry showers will continue south on Tuesday morning, and with temperatures falling, roads are likely to turn icy in places. Sleet and snow showers may be heavy at times, particularly over the north of Scotland, with accumulations of more than 10 cm in places. Snow cover across low lying areas will be mostly patchy and transient, but 1-3 cm are possible early on Tuesday across parts of Northern Ireland and northeast Scotland. Otherwise, sleet or rain are more likely near windward coasts.

Over England and Wales in particular, settling snow will largely be confined to hills over 200 m, and even here coverage will be temporary.

The public should be aware of these wintry hazards and the potential for difficult driving conditions.

This is an update to the Alert that was first issued on Sunday to introduce the risk of some small accumulations of snow to low levels across Northern Ireland and northeast Scotland.

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same here i'm supposed to be mapping a proposed underwater electric line from rathlin to ballycastle and writing a report to be in for thursday.


i have another report to write and producing diagrams on chemical, nutrient and temperature properties vs depth on a body of open sea. i'm just far too distracted lol.

oooh very black clouds heading my way Posted Image


edit i thought i read somebody else wasn't doing uni work they were supposed to can't find it now

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