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Outside chance of flurries tomorrow. Friday it's a case of further north and the higher you go the better. For South Yorkshire away from the high ground you're going to be lucky to see anything more than perhaps sleet before it returns to rain. The rain just doesn't move in quicker enough and like Monday morning we lose the dew points before the prec moves in. Noth Yorks and high ground could do very well.

Saturdays interesting cold uppers low dew points we just need some showers and guess what the prec isn't there to later by which time it's warmed up again. After that Snow chances already small disappear into our fantasies again.

The chances of a Snow free Jan is very high indeed now.

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Tonight is most likely to be dry although there is a feature moving north tomorrow which may bring a surprise bit of joy.

You mean the winning lotto numbers are in it

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Looking at the radar there's a few features drifting up from below our region, perhaps a i may be able to report on seeing a flake (not one in a newsagents) Posted Image

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