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I can't watch that stuff these days without thinking of Harry Enfield or Paul Whitehouse! :lol:       

Compliance! :shok:  True story allegedly! Could not believe what the staff did to that poor girl, just because they were told to do so by a prank phone caller pretending to be a police officer! Onl

Sounds racy! Saw Dark Skies..........spooky  Dawn of the planet of the apes, it had talking apes in it but it was onions

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ITV has banned this remake movie.Edward woodward was in the original.https://twitter.com/ITV4/status/487685872088010752/photo/1

I think they have banned it because it is an insult to the original! I saw it and it was onions!

Old Boy's not too bad, either. Anyone seen the Korean original?

Seen the original, very arty but better than the US version!

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Watched Liar Liar last night for the first time in ages, forgot how funny it is, good old Jim Carey never fails to amuse me.


Favourite quote which me, my brother and dad winds my mum up "Here she comes to wreck the dayyyy" 


All jokes of course

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Watched again last night Polanski's The Pianist. The story of the Warsaw ghetto through the eyes of a concert pianist. It was in a sense autobiographical as Polanski himself experienced the Krakow ghetto. Brilliant.

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Monsters university. 

Enjoyed that and watched Lego movie last week (Everything is Awesome)


This week watched Dredd for my mind not needed killing spree quota for the month type film and have "under the skin" to watch as well, sounds interesting idea if nothing else.

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Thor 2! It was onions, but strangely watchable fun onions, onions which didn't take itself too seriously, shame the story was onionse though! Damn onion filter! :angry:

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