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Connecting WM-918 Data-Pak logger with Windows 8

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I have a wired Weather Station WM-918 which I believe is of Oregon Scientific origin though the display panel is a Huger. I also have the Data-Pak logger which connects into the pc.

I recently purchased a new pc (Dell XPS-8500) which of course is on Windows 8 and does not support the software I have. I emailed the company I purchased the Weather Station from (Skyview Systems), asking for their advice but they never replied. The Station and software is approx ten years old.

Any advice/help appreciated.

Thank you.

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I have a WMR928NX weather station with a DataPak logger and the SkyMet software (which came with the data logger and is used to input weather readings into a DBF file) works fine on Windows 7. I'm not sure if my weather station's own software is compatible though as I've relied on SkyMet in recent years to gather the data and then used Excel to generate monthly statistics.

I'm not sure which software you're trying, so if it's SkyMet that won't work with Windows 8 then I can't help you, but if it's your weather station then the best I can suggest is to see if your DataPak came with any software. I'll be surprised if SkyMet works on Windows 7 but not on Windows 8, because such compatibility issues tend to be related to the 32/64-bit encoding problem.

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Thanks for the reply

I phoned the company I purchased my Station and Data-logger from (Skyview Systems) as they hadn't replied to my email. Unfortunately they don't supply software for the WM-918 at all any longer and told me there isn't anything for Windows 8 either.....unless of course I buy a new system which seems daft! So bottom line is i'm stuck with a fully working Weather Station.....but a useless Data logger! The software is WeatherView 2001 which is a good indicator as to how long i've had the Station and Logger!

Found a site here; http://www.weathermania.net/wm918soft.htm which appears to deal primarily with the 918 but looking at their software list doesn't give me much hope! Seems that whilst Microsoft has moved on......Weather Station software has stayed stuck in a timewarp!

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