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Terminal Moraine

Sunday 27th January 2013 - Weather and General Chat

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Rain overnight, some of it heavy, with thunder and lightning to the north and north east around 2200.

Thick fog throughout the evening, clearing around 0400.

Currently dry and sunny with a fresh-strong W/SW wind and a continued thaw of lying snow.

At 0900;

Temp; 4.5c

24 hr max; 6.9c

24 hr min; 1.7c

Overnight min; 2.5c

Grass ( snow ) min; 0.7c

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0900;13.2 mm

Mean wind speed; 26 mph SW/W

2 oktas Cu, Ci and St fractus

Vis; 30 km

Mean depth of undrifted snow; 16.1cm. 95% cover

Oops forgot the date in the title; could someone put it in.

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995.7 mb rising 1.2 mb/hr

Wind 23.4 mph gusting 30.4 mph max (40.1 mph overnight) W/SW

DP 7.6°C

Humidity 83%

20.2mm rain last 24 hours

Cloud base 1137 ft

Quieter currently, some cloud cover

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A big thaw overnight with heavy rain and thunder and lightning last night around 10pm, 90% snow cover.

Currently heavy showers and sunny spells. 9mm rain since midnight.

Temp 3.3c

Dew Point 1.2c

Wind Chill -2.1c W/N/W 10mph

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Sunday 27th January 2013:

Cloudy with light to moderate rain overnight, turning very mild with a very rapid thaw of the remaining snow. At observation, cloud cleared away to the east, sunny, windy, just the odd patch of snow left on shaded areas.

Today's readings for the 24 hrs up to 09:00 GMT:

Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 5.1°C

Minimum temperature overnight 4.8°C

24-hour maximum 9.7°C

24-hour minimum: 1.0°C

Minimum temperature on grass: 4.8°C

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 21.6 mph SE

Rainfall total: 5.8mm

Current Conditions:

2 Oktas: stratus fractus.

Visibility: good, around 10 miles.

Temperature: 6.9°C

Humidity: 81%

Dew point 3.9°C

Wind Direction: Force 6 W

Barometer 991.1 mb: Trend: rising slowly


Some spells of moderate to heavy wet snow overnight added a slushy cover of around 0.5 CM. The sky cleared around 06:00 GMT and the ground temperature quickly dropped below freezing causing treacherous icy conditions. The existing snow now has a thick crusty cover. At observation, sunny, sheet ice. Ground frost. Mean snow depth, 7.0cm 90%. Mostly sunny through the morning and in to the early afternoon. High and medium level cloud spread in to the area around mid afternoon making for a cloudy end. Milder than recently, high 5.1c with a steady thaw of snow and ice. Light to moderate rain arrived in the area around 19:00 GMT.

January 2013 so far:

Mean temperature: 2.3c (-1.4c) of local average)

Maximum temperature: 12.5c on the 3rd

Minimum temperature: -4.6c on the 16th

Grass Minimum: -9.8c on the 16th

Rainfall 46.8 mm

Wettest 24 hours 13.0mm on the 25th

Maximum wind gust: 30.4 mph SE on the 25th.

2013 so far:

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Plenty of sunshine this morning but it's become cloudy in the last hour or so and there's just been a short shower of sleet and ice pellets.

A strong SW wind making it feel decidedly chilly.

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Yes TM, the wind really is cutting today, heavy rain and sleet showers on and off... the sun feels pleasantly warm behind glass !

Temp 4.3c

Dp -0.2c

Wind Chill -0.8c W/N/W gusting 19mph

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A dry and mainly sunny morning. Cloudier this afternoon with a few short showers of sleet, wet snow and ice pellets.

A continued thaw of lying snow but still a lot left. Some exposed fields on the tops where there was a good deal of drifting are down to about 50% cover but elsewhere the cover is 90%. The snow has now frozen on the surface

At 1800;

Temp; 2.4c

Max today;5.4c

Min' last night; 2.5c ( min' this afternoon of 1.7c during showers )

Grass ( snow ) min' ; 0.7c

Rainfall from 0900-1800; 0.1 mm

Sunshine today; 4.74 hrs

Mean wind speed; 26 mph SW

Highest gust today; 46 mph SW at 1124

1 okta Ci

Vis' ; 55 km

Mean depth of undrifted snow; 13.5cm. 90% cover

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Very mild, heavy rain and strong wind early hours of last night, cleared to a few showers later.

Sunny spells today, a few brief showers pm, cooler by day, fresh SW wind.

Snow virtually all gone even from high ground, bar drift remnants, rivers running up to banks at least. Flooding likely in the next few days.

Min: 4.8c @ 0900

Max: 10.7c @ 0100 (secondary peak 6.9c @ 1400)

Rain yesterday: 20.2mm

Rain since 0900 today: 1mm

Currently: Clear spells, dry, ground frost.

Temp: 1.3c

RH: 92%

Pressure: 1000mbar, rising slowly.

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