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Saturday 26th January 2013 - Weather and General Chat

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Please use this thread for your daily weather reports and general meteorological chat

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1008.0 mb rising 1.2 mb/hr

Wind 6.8 mph gusting 23.0 mph max NW

DP 3.3°C

Humidity 92%

6.4 mm rain last 24 hours

Cloud base 489 ft

Sunny and slightly warmer, very few clouds

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Clear blue skies and good snowcover,but a thaw is taking place with a temp of 2.8c.

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Saturday 26th January 2013:

Some spells of moderate to heavy wet snow overnight added a slushy cover of around 0.5 CM. The sky cleared around 06:00 GMT and the ground temperature quickly dropped below freezing causing treacherous icy conditions. The existing snow now has a thick crusty cover. At observation, sunny, sheet ice. Ground frost. Mean snow depth, 7.0cm 90%.

Today's readings for the 24 hrs up to 09:00 GMT:

Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 1.9°C

Minimum temperature overnight 0.8°C

24-hour maximum 1.9°C

24-hour minimum: -0.8°C

Minimum temperature on snow / grass: -1.6°C

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 30.4 mph SE

Rainfall total: 13.0mm

Current Conditions:

3 Oktas: Cirrostratus, stratus fractus.

Visibility: Moderate, around 7-8 miles.

Temperature: 1.0°C

Humidity: 98.1%

Dew point 0.7°C

Wind Direction: Force 2 WNW

Barometer 1008.8 mb: Trend: rising.


Mostly cloudy overnight, low –2.7c with –5.7c on the snow. At observation, frosty, feeling cold in the moderate SE wind. Some cloud breaks appearing. Mean snow depth, 8.0cm, 80%. There was a little watery sunshine around an hour after observation, but the cloud thickened further through the morning to make for an overcast day. Feeling cold in a fresh SE wind. Ice pellets and sleet set in around 19:30 GMT, the precipitation seemed to be originating from different upper levels as some snowflakes were drier and light, while others were very wet and heavy while the temperature was slightly above freezing.

January 2013 so far:

Mean temperature: 2.3c (-1.4c) of local average)

Maximum temperature: 12.5c on the 3rd

Minimum temperature: -4.6c on the 16th

Grass Minimum: -9.8c on the 16th

Rainfall 41.0 mm

Wettest 24 hours 13.0mm on the 25th

Maximum wind gust: 30.4 mph SE on the 25th.

2013 so far:

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Blizzard like conditions late evening continued into the early hours dumping another 4-6in of snow. Overnight low was -1.1c.

Currently 0.2c with mostly clear skies giving some good sunny spells. Still feeling bitterly cold though in a light westerly.

Approx 8-12in of lying snow with not much of a thaw so far.

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Heavy snow yesterday evening, and until the early hours, gave a fresh fall of 20cm. The cloud cleared early this morning to allow the surface of the snow to freeze but it's currently thawing slowly in the sunshine. All rain gauges were completely buried this morning.

At 0900;

Temp; 2.4c

24 hr max; 2.4c

24 hr min; -2.6c

Overnight min; -1.9c

Grass min; -1.6c ( thermometer buried )

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0900; Waiting for snow from gauges and several snow cores to melt.

Mean wind speed, 23 mph W

5 oktas Cu and Ci

Light shower of rain and ice pellets, with rainbow

Vis; 15km

Mean depth of undrifted snow; 36 cm

Overnight min; -1.9c

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Blue sky and brilliant sunshine makes a pleasant change after a dreary week

temp 5.8°C

pressure 1011.0 mb

RH 85%

dewpoint 3.5°C

wind 1.0 mph W

gust 18.3 mph NW

rain 1 mm

cloud 3/8

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Cloudy now after a morning of sunny spells and the odd light shower.

Temp Max 4.9c now 4.3C

Wind F4 SW

Rainfall 13.2mm as Snow

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Windy (NW) with light showers early last night, clear spells and a slight frost later.

Sunny spells to 1030, then cloudy, a little rain at times since mid afternoon. Rather mild, strenghening SSW wind afternoon. Thaw of lying snow is complete, it lay for 8 days.


Min: -0.3c @ 0830

Max: 8.7c @ 1330

Rain yesterday: 12.4mm

Rain since 0900 today: Below 1mm

Currently: Light rain, windy.

Temp: 7c

RH: 92%

Pressure: 1003mbar, falling rapidly


And Friday:


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Rain cleared in the early hours to leave a dry and quite pleasant day with long sunny spells and temperatures slightly above average for late January. Currently partly cloudy, 7.3 deg C, wind light S. Today's maximum 8.6, last night's minimum 1.6.

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After a short shower of rain and ice pellets around 0900 the morning was dry with sunny periods. Sc developed by early afternoon and the afternoon was dry but mainly cloudy. High and medium level cloud increased and thickened quickly during the late afternoon, bringing the first spots of rain by 1800. A slow thaw of lying snow throughout the day.

At 1800;

Temp; 2.7c

Max' today; 2.9c

Min' last night; -1.9c

Grass ( snow ) min; -1.6c ( thermometer buried )

Rainfall ( melted snow ) in 24 hrs ending 0900; 30.9 mm

Rainfall from 0900-1800; 0.2 mm

Sunshine today; 3.55 hrs

Mean wind speed, 23 mph SW

Highest gust today; 42 mph W at 0354

8 oktas As and St fractus

Vis; 20 km

Intermittent light rain

Mean depth of undrifted snow; 32.8 cm. 100% cover.

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