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Will Nature balance,cool or warm an artificially warmed world?

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When I learned more about what was occuring to global temps in my youth I had to wonder what mother Nature would have to say about it all.

Over the Years it has become clear to me that Her built in checks and balances that have seen humanity flourish since the end of the last Ice age are , by design, finate.

Over the past 5 years I believe we are seeing the next stage of the changes to our planet beginning.

From the re-animation of the portion of the Carbon cycle frozen in the permafrost/under ice sheets to the Albedo changes of a polar region with less 'reflective snow cover' to the increased CO2 emmisions of the soil I begin to wonder whether Nature is hastening us toward a leap in global temps that She is better able to moderate/balance/keep stable.

How do you see the impacts , now occuring, playing out over the next 50yrs? Is it something we should be including in our long term development plans?

In the end who has the biggest control over climate Mankind or Nature???

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Theres no Climate section at the moment for a reason, this thread would be better in there, not in here, so closing it.

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