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Has anyone else had...

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Snow protection anger yet?! mega_shok.gif

A couple of young school lads just walked past the front of my house and completely demolished the snow I had on the wall, all at once. I felt compelled not to, but couldnt help but knock on the window and wave the 'stop what your doing and drop the snow now' finger wave aggressive.gif . I then returned to the back of my house, to find the next door neighbour not only demolishing all the snow around his car and the paths, but also spreading grit over my patio melting all snow instantly!!

I have never been so tempted to abuse someone that's doing a good deed before in my life!

Anyone else working for the SPA yet today? I can't help it!

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Not this year, but in 2010 I did build a mini snowman on the gate post. Later we watched in horror from the kitchen window, as an unknown spotty teenager uppercut him into the hedge.

It was very much a 'darling, get the gun' moment. Alas, I don't have one.

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