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Davis Vantage Vue

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Need a new weather station as my Wh1081 sensor has died. Bought a new sensor but once i get it ill stick the system on ebay.

Question is , is the Vantage Vue the best one to get as an upgrade? whats your thoughts....

I like the look of the AuRite Pro Digital Weather Station with Weather Ticker & PC Connect 01525 but they dont sell them for the UK.

Many thanks

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Hi I got my Vue from Red Onions http://www.red-onions.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=87951 who were great to deal with (genuineUK stock from official dist).

I upgraded like you to the Vue, that was 11 months ago and it's been fabulous. It actually went wrong this week though, but I called up McMurdo (now Orolia) the Uk service agents who were just brilliant. I called them at 09.30 yesterday morning and today the replacement board for the faulty windspeed arrived at home. Now thats service and not what you would get from China! Other than that it is great.

I would point out the "obvious" that the Vue is a compromise, in so much as where it is an all in one unit and you must decide if you want really accurate wind, or rain and temp (as a side issue mine is always within 0.1 of a degree different from the local METAR!). I go for wind, but thats me.

With the service back-up that must be second to none, it would be hard to get a better unit for the price. Go for it.

Hope this helps


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Thanks Guys. Not heard of Red Onions but will go browsing . Customer service is paramount and I just hate companies that are happy to take your cash then give you the run around! Sounds like Red-O have backed up the buying experience with support :)

Was thinking of mounting it on the chimney on a pole ( chimney not used)

Is it worth buying the pole or getting it from a local hardware ? Assume is just a 1inch dia pipe

Thanks again

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With regards to placing the Vue on the chimney, it will be good for accurate wind readings but you will find temperatures are adversely affected (higher minimums, lower maximums). With an all in one unit like the Vue you have to find a comprimise, but if its temperatures that are more important than wind speed, then you'll be better off having it closer to the ground.

Its a very good unit for the price though, the sensors are every bit as accurate as the more expensive Davis VP2s.

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