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getting the most out of my weather station

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Hello guys first post on here, a friend from another forum mentioned this place and i thought id come across as i do love "trying" to predict the weather expessially as its useful for my other hobby, astronomy

any way back to the main question i posted

about 6 months ago i bought the clas ohlson special (i got it for £39 at the time) http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Weather-Station/Pr363242000 i think its one of the rebadged ones, now i already know its build quailty is well..... not the best, i already had to replace the receiver (out side temp and hydrometer) unit luckly they sent me one, but is there anything else i can do to make it a bit better?

iv currently got it plugged into a old netbook that wasnt being used (and has now been dubbed the weather eeepc) and im using cumulas to give weather predictions. is there any better software or is this the commen one? i couldnt work the one it came with it seemed too clunky

also if any one has one of these any advice, suggestions greatly welcome :) thanks for any help guys


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From memory, that weather station is a rebadged Fine Offset / Watson model and good value for money generally (for what you actually get;-) ). I dont think you can really expand much on it though, and the windspeed is only read about every 15 seconds - so good as indicator, but that accurate. However, don't knock it, it's a great start.

As for software Cumulous is quite popular ( and free/shareware) and is easy to use. Many people prefer Weather Display as it's bigger and more versatile, but you do have to pay for it after a month. It's horses for courses though, if you're happy, stick with it.

I would suggest using this as an "intro" into weather, but be warned,,,,, it's rather addictive. Welcome to the forum!


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