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Andy Bown

Statistics for 2012

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Please add here your figures for the year 2012.

- 2012 was the wettest year I have recorded, despite only 96mm in the opening 3 months.

- It's the only year where the highest temperature year hasn't occured in a summer month.

Average max = 13.86c

Average min = 7.34c

Mean = 10.60c

Highest = 30.2c (25th May)

Lowest = -8.1c (4 Feb)

Dry days = 141

Precip days = 225 of which wintry = 21

Rainfall = 1218.5mm

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Yes a wet year here but no idea if it was a record as my Davis data has been on the blink with annual data for some of the years.

close on 600mm is quite high for my garden though and as I have a very sheltered garden more like 700-750mm for this area.

More rain days than average for sure with 201 compared to 160, far less days with snow falling 12 compared to 26 yet 12 days lying snow with a long term average of 11.

Mean temperature was 10.6C(9.6)

Avge Max=14.3(13.4)

Avge Min=6.9(5.8C)

Absolute values were 30.2 and -8.4

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Annual Statistics for 2012

Below are the statistics for my weather station for the year of 2012

Mean Maximum: 14.0C

Mean Minimum: 7.0C

Overall Mean: 10.5C

Monthly Rainfall total: 940.9mm

Rainfall days: 181 days

Max rainfall in one day: 66.0 (14th August*) (New Record)

Highest daily maximum temperature: 28.7C (27th May)

Lowest daily maximum temperature: -0.6C (12th December)

Highest daily minimum temperature: 17.4C (18th August)

Lowest daily minimum temperature: -5.1C (2nd February)

Days with Ground Frost: 45

Days with Air Frost: 29

Days of falling snow: 0

Days of lying snow: 0

Thunder days: 3

Temperature frequency breakdown

Maximum temperature:

-5.0C to -0.1C: 2 days

0.0C to 4.9C: 16 days

5.0C to 9.9C: 63 days

10.0C to 14.9C: 137 days

15.0C to 19.9C: 81 days

20.0C to 24.9C: 55 days

25.0C to 29.9C: 11 days

Minimum temperature:

-10.0C to -4.9C: 1 day

-5.0C to -0.1C: 26 days

0.0C to 4.9C: 86 days

5.0C to 9.9C: 125 days

10.0C to 14.9C: 109 days

15.0C to 19.9C: 18 days

Compared to the Annual CET (81-10 average = 10.01), my average comes in at 0.49C above the CET average, making it an above average year when compared to the Central England mean

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