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A Winter's Tale

The 'UK's Most Desirable Places'

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A study by the Halifax bank have named Hart, Hampshire as the UK's most desirable place to live for the second year running.

The study took into account factors such as jobs, housing, health, life expectancy, crime, weather, traffic and house prices.

Nowhere in the north, Scotland or Wales made the top 50. The survey shows districts in south-east England to be increasingly more desirable with 30 districts in the top 50.

Hart has been dubbed as "a step back in time" with 84 sq miles of unspoilt green, wooded landscape and the freshwater lake, Fleet Pond. Male residents of Hart have an average life expectancy of 81.7 years compared to the national average of 79 years. Employment in Hart is 78.6% compared to the National average of 70.2% and crime rates are amongst the lowest in the country.

Top 15 Quality of Life Districts:

1. Hart

2. Elmbridge

3. Tunbridge Wells

4. Wokingham

5. Waverley

6. Uttlesford

7. Chelmsford

8. Chiltren

9. East Hertfordshire

10. Sevenoaks

11. St Albans

12. Maldon

13. Windsor and Maidenhead

14. Reigate and Banstead

15. Surrey East


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I'm astonished to see Maidenhead on that list having spent some time there. mega_shok.gif

No northern places mentioned at all - I'm sure Harrogate for example has been mentioned in similar lists before.

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My most desirable place would be none of the above. It would be somewhere like Axe Edge End at 1680 ft near Flash in Staffordshire, or Grasshill Farm above Nenthead at almost 2000'.

Imagine the cold, the rain, the fog, the gales and the snow. Mmmm!

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Eastbourne beach? :lol:

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