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Weather in Belgium

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At this moment we have a significant cold period. The temperature dropped last night tot -8°C at the Ardennes. Today we will have some more frost and tonight we are going to -10 or -12°C. Upcoming friday we get higher temperatures (approx: 6 - 8 °C)

A daily weatherupdate on www.noodweer.be (warning: dutch)

Leave all of your messages here dutch people.

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    • By Jacques Steventon
      Hi all,
      A retired police constable turned climatologist claims snow will fall all over the UK this winter! I talk about this in more detail on my blog here but thought I would put it in general discussion as well  
      The Met Office have already spoken up and said that he doesn't use a scientific way of forecasting and that winter will be cold, it's winter. Ha.
      Anyway he goes onto say that Christmas day will be snowy for the north but no luck for the south. Apparently though the south of UK will see large amounts of snow into the new year and temperatures will drop into 5-. He says he is hardly ever wrong so who knows, we might be in for some luck here in the UK.
      I personally can only remember one year that we had amazing snow here in the south of the UK. It was great. Either way fingers crossed. 
    • By Jo Farrow
      Can you remember these, before the ITV weather. i worked at ITV at the time as a forecaster, briefing the presenters and creating the graphics. It was part of our job to chose which one to use. It should reflect the weather forecast, although sometimes we just chose our favourites, and at weekends were a little bit silly. Windy coat man was a big fave and umbrella woman. All the lightning ones got banned as they were a risk to people with epilepsy. Some were only allowed to be shown around the Late weathers as they were too scary. The office used to get lots of phone calls and comments, some quite deranged about these idents. Probably the most remembered set from PowerGen
    • By Craig13
      Hi - I was wondering if someone could help with a question on the best forecasting site, app or API for forecasts i want in the UK.  I need approximately 80 forecasts returned for a set of co-ords all at the one time preferably in tabular form. Metcheck displays multiple locations for things like UK seaside but if anyone knows of a way of extracting this info in to a table then this would be very helpful. thanks for any help
    • By LetItSnow!
      I saw someone do this last year so I thought I'd start one for 2018 (I know it's quite a few months away but shh!). The predictions I made for 2017 so far have gone very wrong so let's see shall we?...
      January: Cold and very dry, with lots of anticyclonic influences. Snow at times, more so in the east but everywhere seeing at least a few decent snow events. Quite sunny in places. 
      February: Quite cool, especially in the first-half with some snowfall. A mild, wet and windy spell around the 18th before becoming chillier again.
      March: Mild and very unsettled with frequent gales. Unsurprisingly very wet.
      April: Quite cool, with some wintry potential at times. Fairly wet.
      May: Unsettled with near normal temperatures. Fairly wet. Warm at times in the second-half with south and easterly winds but some thunderstorms.
      June: Cool and unsettled, wet or very wet but with a hot spell starting at the end of the month.
      July: First-half quite warm, but becoming cool, wet and windy in the second half. Overall fairly cool and very wet.
      August: Exceptionally cold and wet. Unusually windy with the Azores being virtually non-existent. Possibly as cold, maybe even slightly colder than August, 1986.
      September: Quite warm and very dry, with many not seeing rain until the final week. 
      October: Warm at first, but turning very unsettled in the second-half. Warmer and wetter than average.
      November: Quite chilly and very dry, with an anticyclone persisting for much of the month. Heavy snowfall at the end of the month with easterly winds, around the 28th.
      December: A mixed month. Rather mild and unsettled at times during the first-half, but becoming chilly and anticyclonic in the run-up to Christmas. Unsettled for New Year's Eve.
      Sounds like an interesting year if it came off. Add your random guesses if you like. 
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