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Weather in Glossop 1898-1899

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Hello all

Recently I've got hold of book about Glossop North End Football Club's first season in Football League. They were admitted to the 2nd Division in the summer of 1898 in no small thanks to the club chairman at the timer Samuel Hill Wood (who later became chairman at Arsenal FC).

The book quotes newspaper cuttings from the Glossop Dale Chronical (today called the Glossop Chronical) and has some comments about the weather that the games were played in and about the days proceeding it.

This is the story of that historical debut season.

The season starts with a home match on 3rd September 1898.


Glossop North End 4 Blackpool 1 Attendance 5000.

"By the time the whistle sounds there would be around 5000 in attendance with the crowd making cordial shouts which gave Glossop much encouragement- in which was most pleasing in the late summer weather"

The next match was away 10th September


Grimsby Town 1 Glossop North End 1 Attendance 3000

"Of all things on or below the earth, save me from a Grimsby crowd. They are the most ill mannered narrow minded crew I have every cast eyes upon. The language in some parts....was as hot as the weather."

You get the feeling the reporter wasn't a fan of Grimsby!!

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Onto 17th September 1898 and a local derby awaits of sorts- in warm late September weather


Glossop North End 1 Newton Heath 2 Attendance 6000

"Players sent away to Bamford to rusticate from Wednesday until Saturday in good weather conditions" Newton Heath renamed themselves Manchester United in later years (wonder what happened to them.......)

September 1898 was a lovely month looking at the charts and the weather held as the Derbyshire team headed to the Wirral......


24th September

New Brighton Tower 2 Glossop North End 2 Attendance 800

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The weather broke by the looks of the chart on 30th September that year, but the weather was "showery" on 1st October for the so named "Battle of North Road"


Glossop North End 2 Lincoln City 1 Attendance 3000

"There is another thing about Glossop men require attention. They are playing a rough game and I have seen some very dirty play on their part. This sort of thing won't last long.Their character will become known to referees and they will be watched. Let us have football and not scurvy play" biggrin.png

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