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Very worrying news. Irene came just inches away from the flooding the subway, with the surge being 4.5ft. Surge is already 3.9ft in these areas, and the storm is still miles off. Not to mention high tide later with a full moon.

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anyone know if that water is expected to reach the back gardens?

my guess is five to six hours time eight and a half hours of daylight left to view it with. Tide going out will help the locals a tiny bit http://www.surf-fore...nt/tides/latest

thanks for the live link wales123098 http://www.weather.c...ows/live-stream

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I'll be right in thinking this is nothing compared to how it will be later with high tide? Id be on a big ass hill somewere right now if I lived there.

yes, they've already had their first high tide..(edit they are having high tide now) the next one happens around 8.30pm (their time).. add the wind, storm surge and the effects of a full moon.. that's why it's so worrying.

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Sandy has now been upped to 80kts, latest recon have found supporting CAT2 winds, but imho unless more are found they will be reluctant to raise it to this.

Pressure generally in the low 940's.

Tidal guages 3-4 ft above expected levels already in parts of NJ and long island. Tropical storm winds already being recorded in NJ.

Flooding in prone areas also already in NJC and long island.

NWS are saying that many areas will be without electricity for days.

Also reports that evacuations will be raised to cover as many as 3m people.

IMHO Manhatten should have a forced Evacuation policy as it's looking beyond dangerous for them.

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Sandy hasnt even got close yet and there is flooding already and high winds. Reports in that people arent evacuating. And making comments like " go down with my ship" oh for goodness sake. This isnt a movie. Evacuate - there is a reason why you have been asked to evacuate. Grrrrrrr.

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