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Angelici Magiovinium

Saturday 29th September 2012 - Weather And Chat

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Temperature 7.6 °C

Windchill 7 °C

Dew Point 6.1 °C


Wind Speed (avg) 0.0 mph

Wind Speed (gust) 3.0 mph

Wind Bearing 239° WSW


Pressure 1015.58 mb (Rising 0.55 mb/hr)

Clouds Clear


Humidity 94%

Rainfall 0 mm

A clear and calm start to the day here

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It's the 29th by the way!

Sorted! :good:


1016.0 mb rising 0.9 mb/hr

Wind 7.6 mph gusting 10.4 mph max NW

DP 7.8°C

Humidity 88%

7.6mm rain last 24 hours

Cloud base 780 ft

Nice sunny start with blue sky

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One or two brief light showers overnight but for much of the time it was dry and breezy with clear intervals.

Currently dry with sunny intervals.

At 0800 g.m.t;

Temp', 7.5c

24 hr max', 12.6c

24 hr min', 6.1c

Grass min', 3.1c

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0800 g.m.t, 1.3 mm

Mean wind speed, 16 mph W/NW

6 oktas Cu

Vis', 25 km.

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Saturday 29th September 2012:

Clear spells developed after a light shower before midnight. The day dawned clear. Sunny spells to observation, though a sheet of Stratocumulus is rapidly spreading in from the NW.

Today's readings for the 24 hrs up to 09:00 GMT:

Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 15.2°C

Minimum temperature overnight: 5.6°C

24-hour maximum 15.2°C

24-hour minimum: 5.6°C

Minimum temperature on grass: 1.7°C

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 21.4 SW

Rainfall total: 0.5mm

Current Conditions:

5 Okta: Stratocumulus.

Visibility: good, about 10 miles.

Temperature: 9.7°C

Humidity: 83.0%

Dew point 6.9°C

Wind Direction: Force 3 WNW

Barometer 1017.8mb: Trend: rising.


Light showers cleared away last night leaving a partly cloudy night. The day dawned rather cloudy and this thickened to produce showery outbreaks of light rain and drizzle. Tuning misty for a short time, though this began to clear towards the observation, still drizzly though. There was further light drizzle for a time, clearing around 11:30 GMT. The afternoon saw a few bright and sunny spells developing.

September so far:

Mean temperature: 12.8c (-0.7c) of the local average)

Maximum temperature: 24.9c on the 9th

Minimum temperature: 1.5c on the 22nd

Grass Minimum: -1.6c on the 22nd

Rainfall 61.9mm

Wettest 24 hours 20.2 mm on the 23rd

Maximum wind gust: 33.1 mph SW on the 24th.

2012 so far

Maximum temperature: 29.0c on the 24th July.

Minimum temperature: -8.9c on the 4th Feb

Grass Minimum: -11.2c on the 4th Feb

Rainfall = 678.7 mm

Wettest 24 hours, 20.4mm on the 28th June

Maximum wind gust: 48.6mph, NW 5th Jan

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Breezy and Cool with light showers

Temp 10.6C

Wind f4 WNW

Rainfall since midnight 0.4mm

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I can tell you what threw me....yesterday was the 26th all day and not one of us noticed blum.gif


Thanks Robin air_kiss.gif

They're used to me getting confused........ So don't notice any more.

Dunno whats happened to the sun it was supposed to be a nice day but it's mostly cloudy only the odd brief sunny spell and definatley feels like Autumn. At least it's proper football weather.

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Dry and sunny, with variable cloud in the afternoon. Maximum 16.2, minimum 7.8. Wind light WNW.

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A rather cool and breezy day with sunny intervals and a few brief, light showers. Most of the cloud dispersed towards sunset but it remained breezy.

At 1800 g.m.t;

Temp', 8.6c

Max' today, 12.0c

Min' last night, 6.1c

Grass min', 3.1c

Rainfall from 0800-1800 g.m.t, trace

Sunshine today, 4.33 hrs

Mean wind speed, 17 mph W

Highest gust today, 39 mph W at 1528 g.m.t

2 oktas Ac

Vis', 50 km.

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Light showers early last night, then clear intervals.

Sunny spells today, cool again. Moderate NW to west breeze.


Min: 7.7c @ 0730

Max: 13.8c @ 1600

Rain yesterday: 1.9mm

Dry so far today

Currently: Clear intervals.

Temp: 8c

RH: 96%

Pressure: 1021mbar, steady


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