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Heatwave 22nd July 1996, Severe Thunderstorms 23rd July 1996

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There was a heatwave just after mid month July 1996. On the 22nd July 1996, the 90°F was breeched.

32.6°C: Cranwell

32.5°C: Coningsby

32.1°C: Nottingham/Watnall

32.0°C: Birmingham Airport

32.0°C: Coltishall

32.0°C: Marham

31.8°C: Pershore

31.6°C: London Heathrow

31.6°C: Wittering

31.5°C: Bedford


As a cold front engaged the hot plume on the 23rd July 1996, thunderstorms broke out in place especially in the far SE, where golfball sized hail was reported

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Summer 1996 was a pretty OK summer, not as good as 1995 but OK in it's own right. A lot better than recent summers!

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