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Ideas For Songs For An Up And Coming Indie Rock Band

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As the title says, do you have any ideas for songs that an Indie-Rock band could cover or story ideas for singer/songwriters to develop?

In addition are there great sources/songs of music you know of from lesser known bands that could either be covered or rearranged?

Listing your favourite songs and which band they come from is a good start. :-)

This may seem an off the wall topic but please let me explain:

My son is in a rock band who have been gathering a reasonable following in their local scene and also getting some good reviews by respected music festival organisers in the Hertfordshire area: Standon Calling, Rhythms of the World, Cambridge Rock Festival etc., and are being lined up to play at those next year.

They are a young band who have achieved a maturity and musicianship in their sound and stage presence which defies their young ages and hence the interest by the festival organisers.

They have great musical riff and arrangement ideas and have developed those into music for their own material. But (there's always a but!) are stuck on lyrics which is where the songwriting suggestions come in.

They cover bands such as:

Foo Fighters

The Killers



Kings of Leon

Red Hot Chilli Peppers



My Chemical Romance

as well as classic rock from:

Led Zeppelin

Thin Lizzy

Golden Earing

Guns n Roses

Santana etc.

Which gives an idea of the type of music they play.

I don't expect this will get many replies but thank you to all those that do, your suggestions will be very well received.

Thanks again.


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Personally, I dislike the idea of having others provide the ideas for song lyrics.

I wrote most of the music and lyrics in a band I played in for a few years (from 17yo) and for me writing lyrics was a personal thing and to an extent, an expression of myself.

As for some band suggestions, two they may consider that fits it somewhat with the bands listed above are "Alice in Chains" and "Tool".

Have they any recordings online we could have a listen to?

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I have alot of material just lying around, old poems and whatnot that I wrote years ago as a teenager. Would be happy to let them have it. I also have recordings of me playing, although most of it will be too heavy for what your sons band plays, but I've a few RHCP and Classic rock esque tunes.

Best way to get inspired lyrically is to think of a subject/emotion and express it in words.

Example: (a rainy day)

Evasive stares through rain drop curtains,

an ambient whisper that raindrops say,

I could get wet of that Iam certain,

It's just another Rainy Day.

To make matters more complicated, the music needs to fit it aswell, you couldn't exactly sing about raindrops and lash out power chords at vol11 with insane distortion (well, Devin Townsend can but he's perfected playing for a few decades).

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Tell them to listen to the first five Ramones albums. If they get nothing out of that, they should break up.

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