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Africa Weather

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The weather in Africa has always interested me but there seems to be very little information on it!

Do weather fronts ever actually cross Africa e.g cold fronts? I'm only new to weather so sorry if that's a silly question! It's just looking at the charts there only ever seems to be high pressure with storms forming because of the intense heat and high humidity.

The best storms I've seen have been in West Africa and I am going there again in October. So I would like to try and expand my knowledge so I can predict and monitor storms, film them and put the footage on youtube!

Not that long ago a supercell storm crossed Accra, Ghana, where my father was and brought with it 60-70mph winds, driving rain and a possible tornado. Several people were unfortunately killed, but I was wondering why nobody ever shows an interest in the weather there when it is very interesting!

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Good question and I quite agree, not enough information on weather in Africa but there is plenty of stuff that a search will find on climate, start there and you'll find the variabilities between the south and the north are huge, its a massive continent afterall that extends from winter in the south and summer in the north at the same time, and a tropical belt with little change thru the year .

South Africa will have winter cold fronts and elevated snowfalls.

Here are extended outlook synoptic charts for Africa.

Note south of the equator winds flow around the weather systems reverse to the north.

Keep in mind the latitude of South Africa, a southerly wind from a deep origin in winter/spring means it will be cold.


I too am no expert, but hope this helps.

Maybe others here will have better ideas and links to good sites

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