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Wind Direction Question?

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Hello, Dudes!

I'm unable to understand Wind direction phenomena.

In many sites like weather.com BBC Weather and Accuweather.com, Wind direction always shows. some give NW, some give SE, some give NS, some give NNS, some give SSE and some give only N and so on,

Now my question is that if I've stand in front of my house or in a ground, then how can I understand the direction of Wind without any instrument? Suppose, I've just seen on Weather.com that the current Wind direction is SE, so what does that mean? Is that mean, Wind is coming from South and going to East? OR Is that mean, Wind is coming from East and going

South? OR What?

Suppose, a site is saying Wind direction only N, then what does that mean? Wind is coming to North or going from North?

Suppose a site has written SSE, then what does that mean? Where towards the Windo direction is?

Overall is that suppose I'm standing on a ground and I know my all Directions of that place (like S, E, W, N.) where I'm stand.

Now accoring to these weather sites, what phenomena will be used to know Wind Dirction?



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I would imagine that, all of the time, when a website forecast or TV forecaster says wind is northerly or 'N' that means that the wind is originating from that direction. i.e. if you were to face that direction you should feel the wind coming right at you. with SE or SSE, again that is the direction the wind is originating from. So when its SE you would expect winds to be coming from off the continent.


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Yes, Milhouse is right, the direction given is always the one the wind is blowing from.

You do need to be aware that, if your back garden, or some other place, is sheltered by trees and buildings the wind might appear to be coming from various directions due to the air flow being altered by the obstacles.

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as to finding what direction

If you are a walker you will be familiar with finding the directiuon you are heading in?

Sun rises in the east and is roughly south at local mid day time. Note the wind direction in relation to that. Once you have marked north for your garden then its a simple matter to check the wind direction. But as TM comments be aware that the true wind direction will be affected in built up areas to varying degrees.

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