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Summer Statistics

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Thought I'd get a separate thread for this, members summer statistics.. now we're done with Metorological summer.

Summer Statistics 2012

Mean Maximum: 19.7C

Mean Minimum: 11.9C

Overall Mean: 15.8C

Summer Rainfall: 324.2mm

Rainfall days: 51 days

Maximum rainfall in 1 day: 66.0mm (14th August)

Highest daily maximum temperature: 26.6C (24th July)

Lowest daily maximum temperature: 10.0C (3rd June)

Highest daily minimum temperature: 17.4C (18th August)

Lowest daily minimum temperature: 6.5C (7th June)

Temperature frequency breakdown

Maximum temperatures:

10.0C to 14.9C: 6 days

15.0C to 19.9C: 41 days

20.0C to 24.9C: 40 days

25.0C to 29.9C: 5 days

Minimum temperatures:

5.0C to 9.9C: 5 days

10.0C to 14.9C: 75 days

15.0C to 19.9C: 12 days

Compared to the Summer CET (81-10 average: 16.1), it comes in at 0.3C below the average, making it a slightly below average season

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for Cantley

the average summer mean over 16 years=16.8C

the warmest is 2006 with 17.9C and the coldest was 1998 with 15.6C.

This year its sat not far from the middle of those extremes with 16.4C.

There have been 3 lower summer means and two exactly the same

The highest temperature was in July on the 24th with 30.2C

The coldest day was in June with just 9.5C on the 3rd which was also the wettest day in June although 21.0mm on 6 July was my wettest day in the summer.

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My areas statistics can be best seen by looking at my website and selecting 'Monthy and Annual data stats' from the menu on the left. Sorry for the plug.

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