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Weather In Bulgaria

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So, we've had the cold front passing though the Balkans that brought the end of the African heat wave that was around for almost the whole summer. The front was pretty fast, there were some heavy winds, at some places up to 15 - 16 m/s and gusts above 20 m/s (especially in the lee regions). Looking at the 500 hPa isobaric level, a weak low formed, which allowed the front to slow down a bit and wrapped around the clouds. The last led to more stratiform precipitations in the norteastern regions with places having more than 30 mm of rain.

What to expect in the next few days?

It'll be predominantly stable, a ridge will slowly develop over the Balkans and a warm advection is indeed expected. Cooler than the rest of the coutry will remain in East Bulgaria, with a fresh NE flow at surface and maimum temperatures below the 30s.

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