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Writtle Historic Records

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Writtle - a met office approved station is about 2 miles to the west of my home city Chelmsford. I wondered whether any websites had historic records of the daily data. I know it's not on tutiempo, any other ideas. I need it to validate my own records. Cheers

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If you just want to check recent and current conditions then weathercast has data for the past week -


Extensive climatological records can be accessed here -


However I suspect that you want a longer period of daily records in which case unfortunately I think your best bet may be to contact Writtle college or pay them a visit. They publish an annual weather report which should be available in the library. They have some weather station data on their website but it requires student/staff access.

Searching their site for the term 'weather' threw up this interesting gem -

"We understand that Higher Education can be difficult topic to gather information about, so we have gathered some useful links. Weather you’re a GCSE student, A-Level student, College student beginning your path into Higher Education or if you are a Parent or Carer, Careers Advisor or a Teacher wanting more information for yourself or a student."

Oh dear!

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