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Prepare For Storm Chasing.

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I'm thinking of going Storm Chasing in a few years time, I would just like to know, how to get prepared.

Like what equipment should I need?

Do I have to modify a vehicle?

In a few years time now, probably in the next 10 years, I will want to go to America to storm chase aswell.

When I start preparing for that, what preparations should I need to do?


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Go with chasing with netweather..........the experts smile.png

Well if I do, how do they prepare to go out?

I mean, what are the preparations before going to chase?

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As PA says above, the majority of people will chase initially with a tour company, obviously I'm biased but I'd say netweather are a good one to start with biggrin.png

Storm chasing isn't just about the equipment, there's a lot of driving involved, and some of that driving can be in extreme weather conditions, positioning is important so a knowledge of the models, and local knowledge in terms of good places to chase and stay in is important. Plus you'll need to learn to get a feel for reading the weather conditions, understanding the dynamics of what's happening to aid in decision making, and generally just get to know what chasing is all about - this is the sort of thing an organised tour can give you as an initial foray into it.

Beyond that if you want to do it on your own, you'll need gps, internet access, possibly a barons system (not all chasers use them but we think they're pretty essential as the internet connectivity is never 100%). It's also very difficult to chase on your own so you'll also be likely to need someone to come and help navigate etc for you.

There are some decent books available to give you more info too:


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Thanks for the information, Paul!

Hopefully one day, I can find a few mates who would want to do this with me!

I'll look into buying some books/videos to help me on my journey.

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