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Dramatic Lightning Over The Skyline Of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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Thank you :) Was glad to witness a thunderstorm on the trip, especially when I had such a good view!

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    • By Shane Jacks
      I know it is not specifically weather but last week while observing the sky I saw 3 red lights flying to the east.  In an irregular triangle formation, I just wondered if anybody else had seen this type of thing.  I have been googling for an hour or so and not got a direct answer but I may think they would be military aircraft...
      Thank you for any help anyone can give
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      Lightning from the 1st July 2015 thunderstorm from Irlam, UK
    • By Neilsouth
      During the 28th the weather was rather humid, but there were no signs in our part of the approaching chaos that was to hit the hythe/kent area that night, even though the forecasts warned of possible storms. By late evening about 10pm, I could hear rumbles and decided to look outside to see if it was a Thunderstorm or just some old person putting the bin out. Sure enough from then on, it turned from the odd flash, to strikes and flashes every few mins. One of the most amazing storms I have ever seen in my life. What was really gutting though, was I didn't have a fully charged camera and missed out on many strikes that not only knocked our power out, but set car alarms off!
    • By DSTimelapseHD
      This video shows a thunderstorm roll through, along with a bunch of weird but interesting cloud formations. The storm was frontal.
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