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Andy Bown

July 2012 Summaries And Statistics

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Please add your stats etc for July in this thread.

There were only 11 dry days in July here and 9 of those came in a row from the 20th-28th! That spell of warm then hot sunshine ensured that it didn't end up as the coolest July I have recorded.

For Warminster, Wiltshire ...

Average max = 20.54c (Highest = 30.0c on 26th)

Average min = 13.06c (Lowest = 10.6c on 15th)

Mean = 16.80c

Dry days = 11

Rain days = 20

Rainfall = 136mm

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July 2012, Llanwnnen, Ceredigion

Unsettled and rather wet, fine warm spell 21st – 26th. Near normal temperatures

A poor Summer month, redeemed somewhat by one fine and warm week towards the end. Most of the rainfall was during the first 18 days, all of which had at least a trace deposited in the rain gauge. Only half as wet as June though.

1st – 6th: Mostly cool and very cloudy with rain at times; a mostly dry and brighter 5th though.

7th – 11th: Sunny intervals but still with some rain or showers from time to time. Rather warm 7th but became very cool.

12th – 18th: Very chilly night the 12th down to just 5.2c. Unsettled and quite cool, spells of rain and showers, heavy at times, sunny intervals between times.

19th – 26th: Dry with sunny spells, warm to very warm. Peak temperature 26.5c on the 24th.

27th – 31st: Rather cool, mostly dry with sunny spells. A 9 day dry spell ended with a few showers on the 28th – this the longest dry spell since March. Rain on the final day.


Total rainfall: 100.5mm

Wettest day: 14.9mm 13th

Rain days >0.2mm: 19

Wet days >1.0mm: 18

Days of heavy rain >10mm: 4

Mean temperature: 14.8c

Mean Max: 19.3c

Mean Min: 10.2c

High Max: 26.5c 24th

Low Max: 13.7c 6th

High Min: 14.4c 23rd

Low Min: 5.2c 12th

Air frost: 0

Ground frost: 0

Mean RH: 85%

High RH: 97% various dates

Low RH: 51% 21st

Predominant wind directions: SSE and WNW

Mean wind speed: 1.5mph

Mean pressure: 1013mbar

Max pressure: 1026mbar 22nd

Min pressure: 999mbar 13th

Days with:

Hail: 0

Gale: 0

Thunder: 0

Fog: 5

Fog at 0900: 0


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Hobart - Capital city of Tasmania, sealevel, 2 miles from ocean mouth, on an estuary, backed by a 1270m/4200ft mountain range.

July - Midwinter

Strong high pressure ridging was the feature of the month from beginning to near end, with uncharacteristically dry and settled weather conditions. The stable monotonous pattern ended on the 29th with the passage of a cold front, and the first snows on the mountain for an astonishing 4 weeks. Temperatures were close to the 1981-2010 average, but for the 9th straight month were in positive anomoly territory.

Average maximum: 12.9 ( +0.6 )

Average minimum: 4.7 ( -0.2 )

Rainfall: 18mm ( Average 56mm )

Extremes in daily temperature this month

Highest maximum: 17.0 ( Record 22.1 in 1901 )

Lowest maximum: 9.1 ( Record 4.7 in 1888 )

Highest minimum: 9.5 ( Record 12.2 in 1985 )

Lowest minimum: 1.1 ( Record -2.8 in 1981 )

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(Against 2004 - 2011 average)

Mean Maximum 20.9c (-2.1c) *Equal record low with 2007

Mean Minimum 12.4c (-0.3c)

Mean temperature 16.6c (-1.2c) *Equal second coolest with 2007

Warmest 2006 at 21.1c

Coolest 2011 at 16.2c

Highest maximum 29.0c (25th)

Lowest Maximum 16.7c (14th)

Highest Minimum 16.5c (26th)

Lowest Minimum 8.2c (12th)

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Statistics for Sandhutton, North Yorkshire

Mean max 20.0C

Mean min 12.0C

Mean temp 16.0C

Highest max 25.9C (24th)

Lowest max 15.9C (9th)

Highest min 15.8C (4th, 18th)

Lowest min 7.4C (31st)

Total precipitation 75mm

Wettest: 19mm (6th)

Days >= 1mm rain: 12

Days of thunder: 2

Days of hail, fog, gale: 0

My first month based in North Yorkshire was an exceptionally dull one- even the warm settled spell around the 21st-25th was predominantly cloudy- but sunshine amounts did pick up during the last five days of the month. There were a large number of dull, mainly dry days where cloud cover prevented convective cells from shooting up, although there were two days with thunder, one with distant rumbles (4th) and one with an overhead storm (11th) which saw a rare morning of sunshine and showers give way to a mainly cloudy wet afternoon. With 75mm rain it was a wet month but not exceptionally so.

I have not provided estimated long-term averages for this site yet as I suspect that the sheltered nature of the site is resulting in generally higher readings than at nearby RAF Topcliffe and Leeming, so will need to compare the differences over time in order to be able to come up with estimated averages for this particular site. For what it's worth, though, Tutiempo.net stats suggest that RAF Topcliffe has not had an average maximum below 20C in July since 2007, and has not had a comparably high average minimum since 2006, so the strong implication is cool days and warm nights as would generally be expected during such a cloudy month.

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Hedon, East Yorkshire.

July 2012

Warmest Max: 27.3°C (on 24/07/12)

Coldest Max: 14.5°C (on 10/07/12) - Coolest since 2004

Warmest Min: 15.9°C (on 04/07/12)

Coldest Min: 7.2°C (on 21/07/12) - New low record

Average Max: 19.3°C (-1.3°C Below 1981-2010 Average) - Coolest Since 2000

Average Min: 12.3°C (-0.7°C Below 1981-2010 Average)

Overall Average: 15.8°C (-1.0°C Below 1981-2010 Average)

Rain: 46.8mm (85% Of Normal)

Wettest Day: 6th (14.4mm)

Sunshine: 159 hours (83% Of Normal) - Dullest on record

Air Frosts: 0

Sleet/Snow Falling: 0 days

Snow lying at 0900: 0 days

Dry Days: 16

Wet Days: 15

Days With Rain >1.0mm: 10

Thunder Days: 1

Year 2012 So Far (Jan - Jul)

Warmest Max: 27.3°C (on 24/07/12)

Coldest Max: 0.7°C (on 11/02/12)

Warmest Min: 16.1°C (on 28/06/12)

Coldest Min: -6.2°C (on 11/02/12)

Average Max: 13.0°C (+0.3°C Above 1981-2010 Average)

Average Min: 6.2°C (-0.2°C Below 1981-2010 Average)

Overall Average: 9.6°C (Equal to 1981-2010 Average)

Rain: 348.6mm (97% Of Normal)

Wettest Day: 04/04/12 (30.6mm)

Sunshine: 965 hours (103% Of Normal)

Air Frosts: 18

Sleet/Snow Falling: 10 days

Snow lying at 0900: 10 days

Dry Days: 87

Wet Days: 128

Days With Rain >1.0mm: 70

Thunder Days: 8

The second consecutive July at least 1°C below average and the dullest in 12 years of records. Rainfall mainly fell in the form of showers, though this area missed the heaviest of them as frequent winds from the North Sea ensured it remained cloudy and dull with many dying out as they approached. It was generally cool and dull until the 22nd with only 5 days reaching the average maximum temperature, but soon after it turned much warmer, drier and sunnier. The period 21st-29th was actually the longest period without any rain since April 2011. Sunshine totals during this time were much better, but still not enough to prevent the dullest July since at least 2000. March 2012 actually had 42 hours more.

The month saw a single cold night on the 21st, with the minimum of 7.2°C being the lowest recorded at this site in 32 years of records. The 10th was also a notably cool day with a maximum of 14.5°C, making it the lowest since 2004 and less than 2°C shy of the record. Despite the cloudcover, average minimum temperatures were below average, though daytime maxima were well below normal despite the brief warm spell in the last third of the month.

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Thanks reef for the stats. Oh dear, not goodsad.png , Below average rainfall though.

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My statistics for central Reading in July 2012:

Average maximum: 21.1

Average minimum: 13.3

Average for month: 17.2

Highest maximum: 30.2 (July 25)

Lowest maximum: 15.7 (2)

Highest minimum: 17.1 (27)

Lowest minimum: 9.6 (12)

Rainfall: no data available for this site; Reading University shows around 85mm for the month, which is well above average.

Overall the maxima were considerably cooler than average and minima close to normal. The month was very wet up to the 21st, and mainly dry thereafter (the exception being the 30th). The maximum of 30.2 on the 25th was the first time 30 deg C has been recorded here since 2010.

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This month was characterised by some exceptionally low minima, (the lowest in July on my records), average maximum temperatures but a higher frequency of below average minimum temperatures. A very wet month too over 200% of rainfall received.

Mean Maximum: 20.0C

Mean Minimum: 12.4C

Overall Mean: 16.2C

Monthly Rainfall total: 99.4mm

Rainfall days: 15

Max rainfall in one day: 23.5 mm (13th July)

Highest daily maximum temperature: 26.6C (24th July)

Lowest daily maximum temperature: 13.9C (13th July)

Highest daily minimum temperature: 16.2C (23rd July)

Lowest daily minimum temperature: 9.0C (1st July)

Temperature frequency breakdown:

Maximum temperature:

10C to 15C: 1 day

15C to 20C: 15 days

20C to 25C: 12 days

25C to 30C: 3 days

Minimum temperature:

5C to 10C: 4 days

10C to 15C: 24 days

15C to 20C: 3 days

Compared to the '71-00 CET July average (16.2C), July comes in at 0.0C +/- making it an average month.

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July 2012 - Colwyn Bay

Temperature -

Mean - 14.9C

Mean Maximum - 18.9C (-0.4)

Mean Minimum - 11.5C (-0.6)

Maximum - 27.3C (24th)

Minimum - 6.4C (21st)

Lowest Maximum - 14.2C (13th)

Highest Minimum - 15.7C (23rd)

Rain -

Total Rainfall - 130.4mm (297.0%)

Wettest Day - 6th - 31.4mm

Rain Days - 22

Wind -

Highest Gust - 17mph (23rd)

Average Speed - 0.8mph

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Temperatures in degrees C with long term averages in brackets


Avge Max=20.7(21.0) warmest day=24th with 30.2, the highest since 27/06/11, coldest was 20th with 13.7

Avge Min=12.7(11.5) coldest night=21st with 7.9 and warmest night=25th with 17.3

Rainfall was 63.8mm with 21.0mm falling on 6th; there were 17 days with 0.2mm or more and 13 with 1.0mm or more

No snow, frosts; 2()+) mornings at 0900 clock time with fog and 1(3) day recording a thunderstorm.

Overall slightly above average temperatures thanks mainly to warm nights and also another 'wet' month;the average for this area is around 49mm.

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