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Need Help For Numerical Weather Forecasting Research

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Hello, my name is Oana Liviu, from Romania. I am currently studying GIS at West University of Timisoara (master degree), and my project is about implementing the WRF-ARW model over Romania and surrounding countries ; the link for the project is here : http://wrf.devip.net (experimental).

Currently I am limited by a weak server configuration and I started a donation campaign to raise some funds for acquiring a performant server configuration for hosting the WRF model. My goal is to improve numerical weather forecasting, by implementing higher resolution digital elevation models, landuse and lancover data, developing severe weather indices, expand the forecast area to SE Europe (maybe entire Europe at lower resolutions).

I am currently a founing member of Romanian Association for Monitoring Severe Weather Phenomena : http://rometex.wordpress.com and the implementation of the WRF model is crucial for chases and case studies.

I came to this forum to ask if anyone is interesting in donating some money to this research project. If you like to help, please leave me a Private Message.

If this message may be considered innapropiate tor this section, I kindly ask the moderators to move it or delete it.

Thak You !

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Seemed that nobody contacted me, but it doesn't matter now, as I aquired access to my university supercomputer and in maximum two months I will run the WRF model from there. When it will become operational, I will announce it to this forum, as in someone could be interested.

Best regards, Liviu !

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