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York Minster Fire Of 1984.

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On the 9th July 1984 in the early hours of the morning, a fire broke out at York Minster. Some people said it was Divine retribution after the recent enthronement of the Bishop of Durham and his views on the Virgin birth. Some blamed UFOs, most people attributed the fire to a lightning strike ( and that included the fire brigade) But some swore there WAS no lightning.

I remember that night very well and I did see lightning flickering high up in the clouds. The kind which used to be called 'Summer Lightning'. But there was no thunder as I remember. (I'm originally from York)

How feasible is it I wonder for that kind of high altitude lightning to cause a bolt powerful enough to cause that kind of raging fire? I know lightning is very powerful but this seemed quite insignificant that night. I remember because I was disappointed that there was no thunder.

For anyone who needs a reminder;


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Yes I suppose it would. Thanks for that link, Knocker. It looks really interesting and I've bookmarked it. smile.png

it's actually difficult to find any other reason why a fire could have started where it did K. At least I can't think of one.

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Well if say u saw lightning flickering high up, its likely to have been an elevated thunderstorm. Storms that occur above about 6000ft or so, Cloud to ground lightning does still occur in these storms. The lack of thunder is just due to the distance from the bolts and other atmosperics such as a temperature inversion. Its most likely to have been a CG strike

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